Cost: 5.
Health: 4.
Attack: 3. Thwart: 1.

Response: After Beta Ray Bill attacks and defeats a minion, remove 2 threat from the main scheme.

"I may not be a native son of the realm eternal, but the power in my hammer comes from Odin himself. So I fight for Asgard, on this day and all tomorrows!"
Patrick McEvoy
Star-Lord #12.
Beta Ray Bill

Very undecided. But using Bifrost to go get Beta Ray seems fun. Not sure if five is worth it though, but the three attack is so tempting. I do play the ally Thor (Odinson), this is not strictly better, but it has my attention.

In Thor, "For Asgard!" can also find him (you can use God of Thunder to pay for it) and Team-Building Exercise - which I play in Thor anyway because he has several Asgard cards - can reduce the cost by one. I don't think you get the Team-Building reduction with The Bifrost. Still expensive (use second God of Thunder to help pay), but combos nicely with Defender of the Nine Realms, which will also help pay him because you're drawing two cards when you engage that enemy. That said, I haven't tried this and am also undecided about him! — GrootForPresident · 28