Cost: 4.
Health: 2.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 2.

Yondu's attacks gain ranged.Ranged attacks ignore retaliate.)

"Don't need no one. I do what I want, when I want, how I want." — Yondu
Star-Lord #13.

I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!

Yondu brings his magical arrow into Marvel Champions! Here is the first non-character ally with no consequential damage on his basic attack, similar to Black Cat, meaning he can whistle off his attacks turn after turn for the entire game. This is provided you can keep him around; 2 health can be squishy against indirect damage as used by certain villains, but thanks to the ranged keyword he at least ignores retaliate.

Making the most out of Mary Poppins means delving into upgrades to boost his attacks, the only difference from Black Cat is you're limited to leadership (unless using Spider-Woman). Here is a list of supporting cards to help turn your Ravager Captain into a troll-collecting Voltron:

Even two or three of these will make Yondu into a powerhouse that can ping off multiple minions and make meaty progress against the villain's health. Consider also using other allies that enjoy such buffs, including Iron Man, Ronin, and Cosmo (the latter being quite abusive and likely to receive errata).

Note that Star-Lord cannot do his usual cheese of playing Blaze of Glory then switching back to alter ego to prevent the damage to Yondu.

Also note that many of the upgrades you want to put onto Yondu are tech cards, so Iron Man can increase his own hand size whilst powering up his new B.F.F.!

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A solid round-up of information for Yondu! Thanks a lot! — neothechosen · 10187
Energy Spear as well - thinking about making a super Yondu deck with Adam Warlock hah — wedgeex · 38
Update: Sidearm from the War Machine pack gives Yondu another +1 attack option. — The_Wall · 127