Cost: 1.

Events attached to George Stacy may be played as if they were in your hand.

Action: Exhaust George Stacy → attach 1 event from your hand facedown here (to a maximum of 3).

"Trust me, Ghost-Spider is not the problem."
Sinister Motives #7. Ghost-Spider #12.
George Stacy

George Stacy is a fantastic card, there is no doubt about it! One of the key issues with Response events is drawing them at the right time, and Captain Stacey helps manage this.

Being able to save cards for future use and play them as if they were in your hand is unquestionably effective in a game where you draw a new hand every turn. For a single cost, this is one of the best Persona Supports in the game; it was wise for the designers to target this card with Gwen's Obligation.

On top of all of that, George is usable in both Hero and Alter-Ego form, being able to save Events in any form.

I rate this card an S: The ability to extend your hand size and have Events on the ready is incredibly powerful and works with any build in any Aspect, all for a single resource.

Judicator82 · 110
What does the "facedown" part of this mean exactly? — Mr Suplex · 1
@Mr Suplex Basically it hides the information from the other players while still attaching it. It also means that when Worried Father comes out, all those cards are discarded — Redi Spades · 1
Why would you need to hide that information? Wait a minute, the attach limit is for George Stacy's action only? Meaning I can attach past the 3 maximum using Parental Guidance?! — salsatheone · 2