Spell. Superpower.

Cost: 0.

Hero Action: Play a card from your hand, ignoring its resource cost. Discard cards from the top of the encounter deck equal to that card's printed resource cost.

"I will shape the world as I see fit." — Scarlet Witch
Miguel Sepulveda
Scarlet Witch #3. Scarlet Witch #2.
Chaos Magic

Great card for getting high cost allies down or Avenger's Mansion on the board and still be able to play something worthwhile from your hand. Yes, you run the risk of burning through the encounter deck more frequently which is Scarlet Witch's jam. However, her built-in deck comes with less resources, so this makes up for it.

DoxaLogos · 177

This card is easily my favorite Hero card. When constructing decks, I am always weary about including heavy cards. It is so much fun to use Chaos Magic to bring out the heavy cost cards, in particular allies out. Bringing out Heimdell, Hercules, Quicksilver have led to some outstanding turns, and looking forward to seeing more heavy cost cards now. Bring out Nick Fury and add 3 more cards in my hand. SW is a blast, and this card is my favorite in her deck.

ryanespin · 2