Captain Marvel - The recursive Spider-Woman brings Justice

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stilonxy · 2866

Captain Marvel is as we all know a very strong hero, and she also has one of the strongest alter-ego abilities combined with Alpha Flight Station. I've thus always wanted to make a solid confusion build for her, but I've felt that both Concussive Blow and Sonic Rifle are pretty awkward for her to use. Suddenly it clicked; with the use of Chance Encounter and One Way or Another we can fairly consistently recur Spider-Woman for her confusion ability!

The idea

This deck is designed to allow Captain Marvel to exhaust for defending if needed without punishing her in the hero phase. You'll want to sit in hero form most of the time, rotating chump blocking with allies and exhausting to defend. Once the villain is confused and the board is "safe" you switch over to Carol, recover and set up huge turns (not that you won't already be drawing a lot of cards in hero form). This deck allows for some insane card draw due to Justice itself combined with Marvels inherent card drawing ability. Some turns you'll be drawing up to 12-15 cards with ease (round starting hand included).

Strategy and synergies

As mentioned above, you'll be sitting in hero form most of the time. You want to control the board. Don't expect to be able to rush the villain down right out of the gate. Thus, Captain Marvel's Helmet and Cosmic Flight are fairly important to have early game. Be patient and build up the board for big pushes. I feel like most of the deck explains itself, it's just good ol' Marvel after all. But I want to briefly mention some cards.

I've decided to include 3xChance Encounter to up the odds of being able to draw it when most needed. A perfect setup is to play One Way or Another, into Chance Encounter and clearing the scheme right away preferably with Clear the Area, and trigger Skilled Investigator. This will draw you 6 cards, one of them being the very important Spider-Woman. And no worries if you draw this card without a side scheme up, just use it somewhere else, it's an energy resource after all which is a perfect match for this deck :)

For late game you can use this combo with Nick Fury to set up some huge burst opportunities!

Overwatch is, in my opinion, a very good card. It goes extremely well with One Way or Another. As soon as you get it, simply put it on the main scheme and pray that you don't draw a crisis side scheme. The cool thing with this card is that it's not forced, so you can trigger it whenever you see fit.

Sense of Justice is pretty much only there because we want to save Quincarrier for Captain Marvel's rechannel action as well as her other "energy stuff".


If you feel like you want to drop one Chance Encounter I'd switch it for one more Turn the Tide.

In case you face a low threat encounter you might as well drop 2xFor Justice! for 1xTurn the Tide and maybe Endurance or an extra ally for better survivability.

I've tried the deck with Yaw and Roll but it simply doesn't fit. You can only use it after a thwart, and you'll be using Clear the Area a lot in this deck which you obviously want clear the last threat with, and at that point Yaw and Roll becomes redundant. It also relies on you having Cosmic Flight up which might not be the case vs very aggressive villains. The only time it'd be useful is if you have a ton of threat on one or several schemes, but it's very unlikely to happen unless you're very unlucky. Yaw and Roll thus becomes a very situational and unreliable card.

The elephant in the room

So... why not just play leadership? It offers a more consistent way of recurring allies.

Well, there are several reasons. First and foremost, it's fun to try out overlooked cards and make good use of them. Second, leadership cards such as Rapid Response, Make the Call and Call for Aid are all non energy resources. Third, adding Chance Encounter wont turn your deck into a one trick pony, it simply enhances it with another option that synergize with your deck.

All in all, I feel like this deck could even be superior to a leadership deck for true solo.

Final thoughts

I really enjoy coming up with decks for the older heroes, and I feel like this deck hit the nail for me. It's playtested on expert mode vs several villains such as Green Goblin, Klaw and Kang. Hope you enjoy this deck as much as I've done thus far.

Any feedback is much appreciated :)


Aug 05, 2022 SpiderPK · 9

Nice deck. May use Ironheart for drawing more and have an other low blocker.

Aug 06, 2022 stilonxy · 2866

@SpiderPK thanks! That is a viable option for sure! I decided to leave her out because your drawing plenty of cards already and will thus also have access to allies more frequently :)

Aug 06, 2022 MattyKaye · 1

I also enjoy playing Captain Marvel in the Justice aspect. It really compensates for her lackluster thwart card, Crisis Interdiction.

But I do differ when it comes to the centrality of Spider Woman. She is obviously great to have, but I also found that Counterintelligence is a pseudo-confuse that can leave threat off the main while you're back in alter ego form. Under Surveillance is another way to give you the breathing room to return to AE. I do agree with her lack of synergy with Concussive Blow, but I do think Captain Marvel should be able to use Sonic Rifle given her ability to pay for it.

That said, my different opinions probably lie from having a MUCH smaller card pool. So you might be onto something.

Aug 06, 2022 stilonxy · 2866

@MattyKaye thanks for the reply! I think you might underestimate the power of Spider-Woman. Not only do you get a confusion, you also get 2ATK/2THW and a chump block.

Sonic Rifle is by no means a bad card, but I feel like it interrupts the pace of Captain Marvel. It's a rather slow card with no direct impact. Chance Encounter fits perfectly with the regular justice strategy, it doesn't break the pace in any way and it's a 0 cost card! And this is pretty much our decision, whether to include Sonic Rifle or Chance Encounter. But yeah, Sonic Rifle could be considered a more reliable card.

Regarding Under Surveillance, in my experience you get more value by preventing threat rather than increasing it's threshold. Not only do you have to pay for Under Surveillance itself, you also have to pay for removing the applied threat (over the treshold). Preventing the threat all together is thus more cost efficient in my opinion. This is also the reason I use Counterintelligence in the deck, to double down on preventing threat from being applied :)

Just sharing my thoughts. To each their own :)