Cost: 1.

Play under any player's control. Max 1 per player.

You get +3 hit points.

Ms. Marvel #23.

I think this is the epitome of a "one-of" card. It's effectively a "First Aid" for a Hero, and it gives them a higher cap of health. Being able to put it on someone else is just icing on the cake. Low & high health Heroes alike benefit from this card.

This card, like Down Time, is a game changing card that becomes one of the primary generic power ups alongside Avengers Mansion and Helicarrier (though obviously less powerful and cheaper). Any character whose design is limited by not having enough hit points can take this card to fix the problem. Examples include Ms. Marvel herself (her recovery is too high for her hit points) and Spider-Man (not enough hit points to take full advantage of Aunt May's incredible healing power), or really any character with only nine or ten hit points who wants to avoid suddenly and unexpectedly dying.

Even if you think of this card as a healing card rather than a statistic boost, it is still clearly pretty solid. It gives three points of healing for only two resources, which I would consider to be an acceptable rate of return for something that only works on identities, with the advantage that it can heal you even if you aren't wounded, but with the disadvantage that it only works once on one character, which isn't really a disadvantage if you only put one of these in your deck.

cnalexander · 125

This is a solid vanilla card that I think is worth the cost, and if you are playing with multiple people, then adding a couple in allows you to see yours earlier if you need it and hand one out to someone else to make them feel safer as well. It could mean another round in their hero form they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise and of course you now have a new health cap.

Bronze · 258

This is a staple basic card and would be worth Ms. Marvel's pack alone (if she wasn't amazing anyway). Increases your max HP, removes itself from the deck, is dirt cheap at 2 ER, and doesn't lock the hero into any aspect. Having a lightning resource is also relevant in some situations (Iron Man, Captain Marvel), although not as much as physical or mental (especially after Ironheart). Unlike Down time, Endurance also takes effect immediately and doesn't cost you an activation, which is relevant in high-pressure situations where the extra hp really matters.

I have a rule of thumb chart that I follow for this card, that so far has worked well for me. If the hero has:

  • 9-10 HP: auto-include this card. +30/33% max HP is bonkers for a single card.
  • 11-13 HP: try to find a slot for this card if you can. There will be situations where you want need it, but most of the time +25% max HP is worth a card.
  • 14+ HP: not needed unless you are playing Protection and/or high hp helps with your strategy (She-hulk says hello).

SUMMARY: boring but practical, the lower your max hp, the more useful it gets.

Stef · 24

When you play it, do you get to add the +3 hp right away or it only raises your maximum? Also, if you are at 2 hp and you lose this card, is your character considered having 2 hp left or he goes to 0 hp?


You gain 3 right away when you play it, and lose 3 right away should it be discarded. — adsarf · 386
you would lose 3 if you were over your Max HP. If your normal max was 10 and you were at 7 (7/10): you would heal 3 and have a new max of 13.(10/13) If you then discard it due to villain actions you would lower your max to 10 but keep the hp.(10/10) — Novawyrm · 167
adsarf is correct. You would loose 3 HP when the card goes. — wilyninja · 1
From "Gets", RR.: "If such an ability causes a character to get hit points, it modifies the character’s remaining hit points while the ability remains active, and also modifies the character’s maximum hit points while the ability remains active." — Thatwasademo · 1
er, that and "If such an ability expires or otherwise becomes inactive, the modified statistic reverts to the value it would have without the modifier." — Thatwasademo · 1
I wonder why it can't just say "Adds +3 HP and increases your HP cap by 3" on the card. Instead, you have to find some obscure statement in the reference manual by searching for one specific keyword from the card's description. That is a really really terrible design, and I'd bet the vast majority of players use this card wrong, and will never realize it. — NorrinRadd · 1