Punch Evil in the Face! (Solo Captain America Aggression)

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dr00 · 18766


Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American way, Steve Rogers is here to dispense justice in the best way he knows how: good ol' American brute-forced freedom.

Key Cards:

HALL OF HEROES + Shield Toss + Captain America's Shield

  • Ever since Hall of Heroes was spoiled in Thor's pack, I've been chomping at the bit to get this onto the table for a lot of decks. It's a true game-changer for a lot of aggression builds, and Cap utilizes it in his own style. Throwing the Shield at a bunch of enemies to dump a lot of glory counters at the Hall so you can draw a bunch of cards and do it again but to even more enemies the next turn is a thing of beauty.


  • Cap is quite possibly the best user of Thor's axe, Jarnbjorn. This is as much of a game-changer for Cap as Hall of Heroes is for everyone else. Super-Soldier Serum (and Enhanced Physique) ensures that you can reliably trigger this multiple times per turn (it doesn't exhaust, so you can use it on every attack).


  • I know a lot of hype right now is on Jarnbjorn and Hall of Heroes, but let me learn you a little bit about Hercules. With Steve Rogers Living Legend ability, you can fairly reliably get Herc out for 4 or fewer resources, and that is an absolute steal with 3 ATK and 4 hitpoints (9 damage and a block or 12 damage before you even factor in First Aid). He's an absolute unit in this deck. Don't shy away from that 6 cost.

General Strategy:

It's simple: punch evil in the face and win games. Don't be surprised if you do over 20 damage in a single turn... and do the same thing the next turn. This deck has defeated stage iii Ultron on the turn it transitioned to stage iii.

  • Your first priority is to dig for Hall of Heroes. If you don't get it in your opening hand or have it discarded, use up all of your hand as quickly as possible to find it. After that, your next priorities are Combat Training, Jarnbjorn, and Super-Soldier Serum/Enhanced Physique. Play Tigra and Hercules if they're available.

  • With Hall of Heroes, Avengers Mansion, and Steve's Apartment, you're drawing up up to 5 additional cards in a turn. Remember that your Apartment can be used even if you're at all full health but both it and Hall of Heroes can only be used to draw if you are in alter-ego, but keep in mind that you can swap one turn, draw, and on the next turn, draw again before you swap back. Definitely don't feel that you need to keep swapping back and forth every time you get to 3 glory counters (which can be every turn depending on the matchup). Some turns, you'll draw up 3 while ending in alter-ego and won't have much to do with them, but you'll be able to filter your hand a little bit before drawing up again on the next turn. As a rule of thumb, I would say don't use the draw on Hall of Heroes when ending as Steve Rogers unless you plan to be able to draw again at the start of your next turn. If you tweak this deck to include more allies, that option becomes more attractive.

  • Jarnbjorn can be used any time Cap attacks, so that includes his basic attack, the second basic attack you get with "I Can Do This All Day!", and any (attack) events, such as Heroic Strike, Shield Toss, Relentless Assault, and Uppercut. Combat Training dials this up a little bit more, allowing Cap to swing for 3 each time, or 5 for just an extra resource. So in that sense, you can turn a card and 2x Super-Soldier Serum into 10 damage every turn with Jarnbjorn and Combat Training.

  • You should ideally not rely on your attacking events very much outside of Heroic Strike (and you're mainly using this for the stun). Uppercut can be used for its effect or thrown to Jarnbjorn for extra damage. Relentless Assault is mainly to take care of Guard minions.

  • It may seem a bit light on allies, but believe me, this is enough. Your mainstays will be Hercules and Tigra. Keep Hercules patched up with First Aid. If you find you don't have enough , you can use Honorary Avenger instead (just remember you can't actually play it while in Alter-ego unless you've also played one on Steve). Tigra works really well with this strategy, finishing off low-hp minions turn after turn. Mockingbird is mainly here as an additional stun. She can easily be Hulk or Valkyrie instead, with a preference for the latter (I found Hulk too inconsistent, but Valkyrie is nice; there's enough , and she's worth it without the kicker). Nick Fury as always is a good option, and he can help you dig for the cards you need.

  • There's 1 copy of Enhanced Physique just to add to consistency. I almost always use it for its effect, but it can easily be used for a resource instead. I don't suggest more though; you have a much better option in Super-Soldier Serum already. That being said, swap this for a Helicarrier in multiplayer and help out your team. The base build doesn't use Helicarrier because I found that cards were the main value. You need cards for Shield Toss, readying Cap, and for physical resources to fuel Jarnbjorn, none of which Helicarrier can help with.

  • This deck is mainly designed as a true solo option. In that respect, whenever you need to THW, you have plenty of options with Fearless Determination and Agent 13 as well as Chase Them Down. If playing multiplayer with a partner who has threat covered, replace the Chases with more (attack) events. Melee another good option to consider for multiplayer; remember to discuss with your partners about being able to play your attack events outside your turn so that you can get the killing blows and build up more glory every time you visit the Hall.

Final Thoughts

Try out this deck if you like to win games quickly while burying your face in the sand and ignoring the piling threat on the main scheme. You end up drawing a lot of cards, punching a lot of bad guys in the face, and out-dps the villain's schemes. Steve Rogers: a real American hero.


Mar 10, 2020 Brian-V · 25838


Before Thor came out I had considered Black Panther & Iron Man with their (attack) upgrades. But I hadn't thought of Captain America & Super-Soldier Serum (also hadn't thought about Hercules & Living Legend). I've been playing Jarnbjorn with Black Panther with a lot of success, but I'll have to give this a try! Nice job man, always enjoy your decks!

Mar 10, 2020 Brian-V · 25838

*I meant Jarnbjorn, not Thor! Why can't you edit comments!!

Mar 10, 2020 dr00 · 18766

@Brian-V thanks again for the nice comment man. I agree! I also want to be able to edit my deck to add Enhanced Physique lol. but yeah, serum is great with the axe and cap's readying ability. I haven't tried anyone else yet, but I'm really keen to try iron man, black panther, she-hulk, and of course, ms. marvel

Mar 10, 2020 The_Wall · 94

I'm genuinely surprised to see a Captain America deck that doesn't mention Lockjaw, because it gives Cap an eternal action economy combo that utterly invalidates many scenarios solo-duo. I suppose if you don't want to make the game trivially easy...

In essence you stay in hero mode, always playing Lockjaw every turn and defending with it as well, while throwing out 6 damage / thwart before any additional resources are considered. Very little on the villain side can stack up to that, even in expert modes.

The thing is, you can drop in and out of "Lockjaw lock" whenever you like. So for the cost of 1 card in the 25 (or 26) you give yourself an entire new vector of play that is unmatched by any other card in the game.

Its still a nice deck, kudos, and I love the write up.

Mar 11, 2020 dr00 · 18766

@The_Wall Lockjaw actively works against the strategy of this deck to be honest. Any extra resources are usually reserved for Jarnbjorn. On a single turn, you can (quite easily), use two basic attacks, one event attack, and trigger Jarnbjorn's ability 3 times, for a total of about 17 or 18 damage. This is without Hall of Heroes, Avengers Mansion, or any allies taken into consideration. Lockjaw would be the equivalent of one of those events, taking away 7 or 8 damage, and Heroic Strike has a stun anyway.

I do feel that Lockjaw is quite strong in Cap and BP generally, but in this deck, he has a lot of anti-synergy. But don't worry, this deck will make certain scenarios quite easy all on its own lol. You just gotta go fast.

Mar 17, 2020 oldoly · 1

Thanks for sharing!! Can’t wait to try

May 02, 2020 Loveu3000 · 1

Just started with your deck and having great fun with it. I completely missed using Jarnbjorn ability on other attacks! I thought you could only used it for Cap's base attack! Thanks for sharing

May 03, 2020 dr00 · 18766

Yeah that definitely changes things a bit. Glad you're having fun with it :D

Jan 13, 2021 redavi · 1

Hi @dr00have you made some upgrade to this deck with new expansion? I just wanted to know because i'm still playing with this deck and i really love it man! XD

May 11, 2021 jgslc · 1

@The_Wallcould you explain what you mean about Lockjaw? How are you getting 6 damage/thwart per turn?

May 17, 2021 dr00 · 18766

@redavisorry for the belated reply! actually there's been quite a few awesome cards. Drop Kick, Clobber, Press the Advantage, and Into the Fray are great attack events. Earth's Mightiest Heroescan allow cap to attack again to trigger jarnbjorn again

Mean Swing and Skilled Strike can fit well into this strategy too

Battle Fury and Lie in Wait are decent upgradesthat generate more attacks. Hand Cannon and Martial Prowess can help your basic and event attacks, respectively

also Quincarrier is decent for extra physical resources