Cost: 0.

Hero Interrupt (defense): When your hero defends against an attack, use its ATK instead of its DEF for this attack.

"I know we're Guardians of the Galaxy, but we prefer shooting to being shot at." —Rocket Raccoon
Valkyrie #20.
The Best Defense…

This is a cool idea for a card but doesn't really work out in practice. If you've boosted your attack enough to want to play this, you should just be using your attack as your basic activation and not defending. If you search the site for decks using this card, there are a lot of Brute Force decks that build up a high ATK stat and use it for this card, Quick Strike, and Smash the Problem. This looks like a fun casual strategy but it crazy inefficient if you are building for power. It's also in a few Ghost-Spider lists since it's an Interrupt you can play during the villain phase.

Stretch22 · 481