Cost: 2.

Uses (3 mental counters).

Hero Resource: Exhaust Enhanced Awareness and remove 1 mental counter from it → generate a resource.

Captain America #34.
Enhanced Awareness

This feels like a great Iron Man card that will only get better as we get aerial support down the road. Rocket Boots needs the resource to trigger so this is really a 3 card investment for 3 turns of aerial, and for a character that wants to build to critical mass this feels like a decent piece of the puzzle.

This is exactly where my head went as well. On the surface, not a great investment, but ensuring you have the <span class="icon-mental"></span> when you need it can be hugely helpful. It also single-handedly has put [Black Widow](/card/01075) back into consideration for my protection decks. — diesel · 79
Ally Black Widow's response is an interrupt in the Enemy phase so there is no window where you can trigger this if I'm correct. For Iron Man this is very nice to have indeed. — Trebge68 · 21
Nah. Resource abilities can be triggered whenever you need to pay for a card, so as long as you're in hero form, this can pay for black widow. — Ensign53 · 46