Wakanda Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever An-

dr00 · 26947

Wakanda Forever

UPDATE: an updated version can be found here

The most current iteration of the deck (2/5/21):

Basic (10)

1x Avengers Mansion

1x • Avengers Tower

1x Endurance

1x Energy

1x Enhanced Awareness

1x Enhanced Reflexes

1x Genius

1x • Quincarrier

1x Strength

1x Team-Building Exercise

Leadership (15)

1x • Ant-Man

1x Avengers Assemble!

1x • Black Knight

2x Call for Aid

1x • Hawkeye

1x • Hawkeye

1x Rapid Response

1x • Squirrel Girl

1x • Stinger

3x Strength In Numbers

1x • The Triskelion

1x • Wonder Man

NEW WRITEUP (old writeup below for posterity)

This write-up will cover the card choices for the deck, some core strategies, and then conclude with some suggestions for changes to fit your personal taste. Also, in the first version of this deck, I suggested a priority for what kinds of cards you should play, and put Panther's upgrades at the top. However, I'm going to be changing the strategy a bit for this one, so be sure to read everything, not just about the new cards.


As you should know by now, the most important card is Strength In Numbers. Often it can allow you to double your the cards in your hand, and there have been some nice improvements in the last year, namely this next card:

Stinger has been such a wonderful addition. She has two great qualities: low cost (only 1!) and doesn't count towards your ally limit. Along with The Triskelion and Avengers Tower, that's now up to 6 allies you can have on the board at once. Additional allies include 2-3 allies so they won't cost too much to build your draw engine. Another great ally is Ant-Man, who can cost 1-4, depending on how many resources you have; early game, he's an easy 1-cost ally like Stinger who can simply help build your board state cheaply.

Resource builders include Avengers Tower (which doubles as a way to increase your ally limit) and Quincarrier, both of which can be played for a discount with Team-Building Exercise. TBE can also provide a discount on every ally (except Ant-Man but including Shuri), and The Golden City, a wonderful resource accelerator if you have a scenario that allows/requires flipping to alter-ego a lot, like Kang. And finally, there is one copy each of Enhanced Awareness and Enhanced Reflexes, but these two could be any of the resource if you prefer something else. I simply chose and because it has a lot of already. These are particularly good because they can be used on anything, unlike Avengers Tower and Team-Building Exercise, the main target being Wakanda Forever.

Outside of that, Call for Aid is included for two reasons: to find allies to play and help cycle your deck faster. Additionally, TBE doesn't work with Make the Call, but I'll talk about that later. And finally, Endurance is included because you'll be taking a lot of damage.


The first thing you should do is decide which Black Panther upgrade you want to play. If you have a minion-heavy scenario, Energy Daggers might be helpful; focusing on the villain? Perhaps his Panther Claws instead. If you're really worried about threat, Tactical Genius might do some work, but might I suggest instead Vibranium Suit? The main reason for this is because you will often not want to use your allies as chump blockers unless you have another ready to go. This can be ok, but you will be chump blocking less often than decks normally do, and the Vibranium Suit can really help your longevity. If you draw it in your starting/mulligan hand, you can make a decision about any of the other three to grab with T'Challa's setup ability and remember that you can simply use it as a resource.

In fact, please don't be afraid to pitch any further upgrades as resources early. Just get one upgrade down so you can use your Wakanda Forevers as you draw them. By the end of the game, you'll be drawing so much and will have so many resources that you will often be able to play your extra panther upgrades easily while still affording to play Wakanda Forever.

The main early game strategy is essentially playing all the allies you can and Strength in Numbers will help you dig a bit faster. Even if you're only using it for two cards, it's still helping you dig, just make sure that you stay on top of the threat on schemes and any minions and things you'll need to deal with. Don't be afraid to aggressively play Call for Aid to cycle your deck more quickly, even in the early game. Additional early game priorities are your resource generators, especially Avengers Tower, since it helps you with your ally limit as well. Additionally, The Triskelion will help you increase your ally limit as well.

Once you have reached mid-to-late game, you should have cycled through your deck (or have come close to it) and will be able to start playing Strength in Numbers for particularly powerful turns. Remember that you will often be able to play not only Wakanda Forever, but also some of his Panther upgrades you didn't play earlier. You can additionally play Avengers Assemble! and actually use those allies to help burn through side schemes, minions, or the villain. Alternatively, play more Strength in Numbers because drawing cards is really fun. When you have 6 allies in play, a Call for Aid can help cycle your deck more quickly to get your Strength in Numbers, Wakanda Forevers, and anything else back into your deck and into your hand.


There are a lot of moving parts to this deck, and you may not like all of the cards, but often just taking out one card for another isn't always the best option. Additionally, some cards can stand in for others that might not seem so obvious.

Rapid Response is honestly just there in case you need an emergency block and don't want to impact your next turn in case you don't have another ally. A cheaper alternative is Ready for Action, but it will exhaust your hero to defend, so it won't be available for Strength in Numbers on the following turn. That in and of itself isn't the worth thing, but if the whole reason you're taking RFA is to save resources, it doesn't necessarily save you resources, so it just depends, and they just kinda even out in the wash.

You may prefer not to use the Enhanced cards, or you may prefer Make the Call over Call for Aid. In either case, I would suggest making the following changes: -2 Enhanced (Awareness, etc.), -2 Call for Aid; +2 Make the Call, +2 The Power of Leadership

Maybe someone at your table is planning to use Quincarrier. Don't worry! And don't think you have to run to Helicarrier, which won't work with Ant-Man or Make the Call if you swapped those. You can instead replace it with Avengers Mansion instead since it can be played for three with TBE and has a better effect anyway.

The single Avengers Assemble! could be All for One, a newly released card from Wasp. It works a bit differently though, so the decision is based on how you want to use your allies. Avengers Assemble is often going to be a last-turn ditch effort by your allies to sacrifice themselves to defeat the villain. All for One, however, will be used during the game itself on turns where you did not draw Strength in Numbers (or perhaps want to save it for next turn) but still want to use your allies for some value. I ultimately did not include it because I often found that I didn't have difficulty finding Strength in Numbers almost every turn since you're drawing so much of your deck every turn. Additionally, All for One doesn't help late game when you have many cards and not much to spend all those resources on. AA helps turn those Vibraniums into more cards to dig for what you want or even good uses from your allies and fellow players on the board.

One final comment on Honorary Avenger, a card that has not been included. Although Shuri can dig for it, she will not be an Avenger until after she enters play. If you have an increased ally limit from Avengers Tower, Shuri will force two ally discards. If you don't have the increased limit, it doesn't matter if she's an Avenger anywayy. So late game, you're not going to play her anyway, and early game, it often doesn't matter if she's an Avenger or not. One final point is that if you draw HA first, Shuri can't really dig for it since she only checks your deck and not your discard pile. However, all of that said, if you prefer to include it, she can fish for her own Honorary Avenger, and that's a wonderfully memeable moment. If you'd like to include it, I would suggest drop either Avengers Mansion, Enhanced Awareness, or Rapid Response.

Final Comments

A special thank you to @OldMr1Up, who asked for an update on this deck and inspired me to finally sit down and work on it again. I have spent the better part of the last couple of weeks playing this deck almost exclusively through an entire Red Skull campaign, Kang, Mutagen, as well as Klaw and Ultron, all on expert. It has been a blast to play again with all of the new tools from the releases in the past year. I hope you enjoy the new and improved Wakanda Forever and Ever.



Draw all the cards, build up an impressive board state, play Wakanda Forever! And Ever, and Ever, and Ever...

The basic strategy is dig through deck to get as many allies out as possible and play Strength In Numbers for really satisfying turns, specifically playing the above-mentioned card(s).

Turn-by-turn priority:

  • Play Strength In Numbers if you have a decent number of allies
  • Play any panther upgrades
  • Play Wakanda Forever!(s) (even at 1, it's still good value; play them if you have them)
  • Play any allies (using Make the Call if you don't have any in hand)
  • Play any other permanents to help thin your deck and/or Ancestral Knowledge to get back any Strength In Numbers, Wakanda Forever!, plus whatever

General Strategy Tips and Deckbuilding Decisions

Late game, you'll easily be drawing several Wakanda Forever! for some really huge turns. Be prepared to draw a lot of encounter cards and laugh at the villain deck while you're doing it. Early game, you'll be pitching SIN for resources a lot. You'll want to get The Triskelion and Avengers Tower down to upgrade your ally limit. There are a couple of allies who don't have the Avengers trait, and there's no Honorary Avenger, but that's ok:

Non-Avengers Allies:

  • Shuri is still good because she can help you dig for your upgrades
  • Nick Fury should almost always be used for more card draw and goes away at the end of the round
  • Maria Hill draws a card for everyone, thwarts for 2, and is ready to block an attack and also isn't going to stick around for very long

So Shuri is the only non-Avengers ally who doesn't go away easily, but Honorary Avenger just gives you 1 Attack or Thwart, and you need both of them and Avengers Tower all out at the same time for it to matter anyway.

The Avengers allies are pretty self-explanatory:

  • Falcon is great for dealing with threat
  • Hawkeye kills trash minions easily
  • Squirrel Girl blows up on everything and is immediately ready to chump block
  • Vision can thwart or attack like a freight train with enough
  • Wonder Man is a cheap ally that you sometimes attack with when you have nothing better to do with your hand

Basically, these are the best options because they are literally the only options at the moment, but they all have their perks for the most part. The best part about them is that they just work even if you don't use them to attack or thwart every turn. Falcon, Hawkeye, and Squirrel Girl all have a decent enters play... ability (and Hawkeye's can be triggered whether he's exhausted or ready), Vision wants to be saved for turns where you can throw a lot of to get the most out of his attacks, and Wonder Man only attacks if you can pitch a card for him.

The Rest

Enhanced Reflexes is there to help pump Vision and also thin your deck by putting resources out on the board (it also can help you pay for those big turns). 2 copies of Avengers Mansion to help dig through your deck faster; Helicarrier is better than a third copy since it can be played and help thin your deck. The Golden City is the best card draw in the game, but only if you're in alter-ego, so you'll be swapping a lot unlike most other BP builds.


Jan 20, 2020 Incredibul · 2953

Great Deck! Only gripe is two Avengers Mansion (I think any card you can build to thin your deck is great, and Black Panther already has the Golden City, so between Mansion, Enhanced Reflexes, Quinjet, Hellicarrier and the Golden City (not to mention Black Panthers own Vibranium) I feel there are already plenty of options to get a good first turn.

I also feel that if your goal is to have a lot of Avengers in the game, you probably don't want them to die, so even though Make the Call is one of the best cards in Leadership, I feel the Designers really tried to make it and the other "best card" Maria Hill less attractive by giving it anti-synergy with an Avengers Build. So I'd consider swapping at least 1 copy for Avengers Assemble!, which works fantastic with Black Panthers Ressource Package and Strength in Numbers.

Jan 20, 2020 dr00 · 26947

@Incredibulhey, thanks for the comments. i'm currently testing -1 Avengers Mansion, -1 Make the Call, +1 Enhanced Reflexes, +1 Lockjaw

Avengers Assemble is a good one. Maybe just 1 though in place of one of the above cards. Late game, he ends up with a lot of resource cards and nothing to spend on them except WFs, which seems like a waste sometimes. It'd definitely be useful on those turns (but let's be honest, i'm just using it to play SIN again)

Jan 20, 2020 Whipporwill · 1

I tried a variant of this deck in BP but I found it a bit too clunky. It always seemed I was playing suboptimally to cycle the deck to find Wakanda forever rather than just making good plays with the allies. I’m glad it works for you though so maybe That style didn’t work for me. I moved the shell over to Spider-Man and it seemed to work better.

Jan 21, 2020 dr00 · 26947

@Whipporwillthis deck definitely has to be played a certain way i think, and it doesn't seem to vibe with everyone, but that's totally ok. i tried a variant in Spider-man and Captain America before landing on this version with BP.

with Cap, i was leaning more heavily on Avengers Assemble, so much that i eventually stopped using SIN. the draws weren't that helpful. sure, they might help you have one really great turn with Shield Toss, but only if there's that many enemies (which wasn't often). Assemble was just really strong on its own. i'd often rather attack with everyone, play it, then attack again (or thwart, etc.), especially with someone like Vision getting a lot of thrown at him

my thoughts on Spider-man is he needed Honorary Avenger for Black Cat, and it caused some issues drawing things in the right order. i also ended up wanting to just keep Avengers Assemble instead of Strength In Numbers, but again, the same issue, so i ended up leaning more on Lead From the Front so i didn't have to worry about the Avengers trait. i do want to try that deck though, Honorary Avenger on Black Cat with all the buffs and readies to get that achievement (deal 16 damage in one turn with Black Cat)

anyway, with BP, there's a lot of Wakanda Forever!s in the deck, and you can play multiples in a turn very easily (due to the low cost). that's why the combo just kinda 'works' in BP imo compare to: SM's and CA's signature hitters cost 3 each (or lots of cards like Shield Toss, but i mentioned the limitation with that)

Jan 24, 2020 TheoGrizz · 1

So I figured the deck I've been trying to make just might work with this deck as a shell. I cut the non-avengers, except Shuri obviously, and made other changes to get 3 Avengers Assemble and 3 Lead from the Front in there. That way you can Strength in Numbers to Wakanda Forever OR to the ally cards. Last night Ultron was at 35 and the BP player just took care of it himself with SIN into 2x Lead from the Front, into attacking, into Avengers Assemble, into attacking with everyone, into Wakanda Forever. He had a similar, though slightly less good, turn two rounds prior, without a Wakanda Forever. It's legit.

I'm not sure what to cut for Teamwork when it comes out, if anything. But yeah. It's an idea I had been trying out and not working, until I combined it with your idea. I figured I owed it to you to share.

Jan 24, 2020 dr00 · 26947

@TheoGrizzthat's so great! thanks for sharing. i've been tinkering with a lot of different variants based on all of the comments

i think this deck really shines in multiplayer when you can Make the Call to get Hulk, Spider-woman, etc. to help pad out the Avengers on the team. i've also been trying with 1-2 copies of Avengers Assemble and really liking it, even if i feel compelled to draw more with SIN lol

Jan 29, 2020 KennedyHawk · 13624

I just tried a deviation on this deck, using Honorary Avenger to maximize Strength In Numbers. It helps thin your deck and lets you get to 5 allies. I can usually set up drawing 11-13 extra cards per turn (just using allies as resource banks). It was super fun. Thanks for the list :)

Jan 30, 2020 dr00 · 26947

@KennedyHawkyeah, i saw your video! good stuff. shame you ran out of villain health haha, but that was satisfying to see you get all 5 out in one turn

so happy this deck seems to be taking on a life of its own. i love seeing everyone's different takes on it. i've definitely been trying many different variants over the past week or so :D

Feb 16, 2020 Brian-V · 32911

This was the inspiration for my She-Hulk deck, which basically gets even more card draw from Split Personality. I don't really even worry about blocking or attacking with allies, just want card draw because 1) She-Hulk can usually just tank anything herself and 2) she does enough damage on her own when I'm just drawing/diving for Gamma Slam and One-Two Punch x3 in a turn. Thanks for the initial Leadership/Draw idea :)


Feb 16, 2020 dr00 · 26947

@Brian-V hey thanks for the comment. i've actually been thinking about trying to make it work in She-hulk but haven't had the time. i'll definitely be giving your deck a look :D

Feb 21, 2020 Oldwreck · 1

Quick question the rules state thate "No more than three copies (by title) of each nonunique card may be included in the deck. " how does this work with 5 times Wakanda Forever! in my point of view, this is not possible.

Feb 21, 2020 dr00 · 26947

@Oldwreck it's a part of black panther's set of 15 cards which is fixed and must be used as is with any black panther deck. consequently, every black panther deck must have 5 wakanda forevers because that's what his set has

Feb 21, 2020 Oldwreck · 1

Thanks for the clarification @dr00

Feb 21, 2020 dr00 · 26947

no worries. welcome to the game! :D

Mar 19, 2020 Spider-Porn · 1

good deck, compliments! :)

Jul 27, 2020 dr00 · 26947

Thank you, @Spider-Porn lol

sorry for the late reply, the site stopped allowing me to make comments for a while :(

Aug 30, 2020 Deathseed · 2

RIP Chadwick Boseman.

You've put Wakanda in our hearts, forever.


Nov 07, 2020 camipco · 1

This deck is a blast to play. I'm currently running it with:

+Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) +Stinger (Cassie Lang) -Maria Hill -Nick Fury

+Team Traning +Get Ready +Avengers Assemble -3 Make the Call

+Honorary Avenger +Quincarrier +Downtime +Endurance -1 Avenger's Mansion -2 Quinjet -1 Enhanced Reflexes

Nov 07, 2020 dr00 · 26947

@camipco those are really great changes! Stinger is definitely a game-changer for sure. i'm still waiting myself for Ant-man, but i can't wait to try it out again with all the new Leadership cards in that pack

Jan 08, 2021 VasThePirate · 1

Very fun deck. Played it twice v Rhino and lost while I was trying to figure out how to play it. 3rd time was the charm and I made a rug outta Rhino with my allies and upgrades. Ended up playing 3 Wakanda Forevers in one turn!

Jan 08, 2021 dr00 · 26947

@VasThePirate hey, welcome to the game! and that's awesome! living the dream right there. i'm glad you're enjoying it, over a year later :D

Jan 22, 2021 OldMr1Up · 9

Love the deck, really appreciate the insight also. What changes have you made since Ant-Man landed?

Jan 26, 2021 dr00 · 26947

@OldMr1Up hey thanks for asking! i just got ant-man a few weeks ago, so i've mostly been playing him haha, but your comment inspired me to give this deck another look. i'll post an updated list and description soon :D

Feb 04, 2021 dr00 · 26947

@OldMr1Up i have posted an updated version here: marvelcdb.com (also edited in the write-up)

Feb 04, 2021 dr00 · 26947

sorry, the link messed up. maybe this will work? if not, it's in the write-up! marvelcdb.com

Dec 18, 2021 SpiderPK · 33

May use Kaluu to have more opportunities for drawing Wakanda.

Dec 22, 2021 TheoGrizz · 1

`@SpiderPK I’m sure the current version included Kaluu. Not just to draw WF but because it’s a two cost avenger. I’d also imagine White Tiger is in there, given the rebate you get.

Dec 23, 2021 dr00 · 26947

@SpiderPK @TheoGrizz yeah, i haven't updated it in a while, but Kaluu and White Tiger are prime inclusions. i don't know if i'd do much else, but others that might make the cut are Band Together, Innovation, or Mighty Avengers