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neothechosen · 4471

This is a follow-up to my last THOR protection deck :(

The biggest change is the inclusion of What Doesn't Kill Me and man, the card doesn't disappoint! The combination of cards give you a lot of tools so you can keep the main scheme in check, Thor healthy, ready and attacking multiple times a turn.


  • Ever Vigilant works with Mjolnir in play and is HUGE, really a life saver. Play it as many time as possible so you keep the main scheme empty. Combine with thwart from allies, namely Starhawk that you will keep puttng back into play when he comes back to your hand.

  • What Doesn't Kill Me is the other awesome card, readying your hero for a second / third attack and mitigating the damage done to you.

  • Godlike Stamina is a free 2 hp + getting rid of stun. Very useful too.

Plus Thor's own Defender of the Nine Realms and Hammer Throw of course!

STUN and BLOCKS: use Mockingbird, Iron Fist to stun the villain, and allies to chump-block on their last hp (with the obvious exception on Nick Fury, and Starhawk that you want to always keep in play to thwart).

Combined with the heals, it is often enough to keep Thor in hero form all game long (for most villains anyway... not talking about Ronan w/ Kree supremacy!).

Lots of resources from Helicarrier, Quincarrier, Avengers Mansion, and of course God of Thunder. And Anticipation, sometimes handy to pull off combos.


Piloting the deck is quite easy, IMO, but of course Thor has a few quirks when the game starts... Since Godlike Stamina, What Doesn't Kill Me and Ever Vigilant are not so relevant on turn one, you should concentrate on assets that will benefit you in the long run, namely Asgard, God of Thunder or other card / resource producing card that are a huge plus. Also, allies to stun / block!

Of course, playing expert true solo, look for Defender of the Nine Realms at the very beginning to get rid of starting side schemes (if any). Mulliganing your hand for it may be worth it (maybe not to discard allies though).

In time you will build a huge board and then, playing Ever Vigilant, What Doesn't Kill Me and Godlike Stamina in the same turn isn't far-fetched and so damn satisfying! You the get to attack 2-3 times a turn quite often, and in between you also Hammer Throw...

Have fun!


May 10, 2022 Onions · 74

Great deck! I would love to try this out, but I don't have the Valkyrie pack. What should I replace Anticipation and Godlike Stamina with?

May 10, 2022 neothechosen · 4471


Thanks! Honestly Anticipation is fun but situational, but Godlike Stamina is much harder to replace. I tried a version with Energy Barrier, wasn't bad. Saves you 3 hp, gives 3 dmg... it works, but at a steepier price. Definitly have The Night Nurse to get rid of tough or confused in place of Godlike Stamina.

Have fun!

May 10, 2022 Telcontar · 71

@Onions you can always proxy them, that's what I'll be doing :)

May 10, 2022 betadjinn · 1

When you have Anticipation out, do you sometimes defend, or is it just there for Defender of the Nine Realms?

May 10, 2022 neothechosen · 4471

I don't defend. Usually I prefer to attack, Defender of the Nine Realms as you said, get a minion and ready.

May 10, 2022 betadjinn · 1

@neothechosen Makes sense with the offensive focus. Did you happen to test out Symbiote Suit by chance? I always give it a shot in ready-heavy decks, even though it’s definitely not always the right choice

May 11, 2022 rstorcdk · 1897

Anticipation is a brilliant idea on Thor :) Do you just beat the villain down and ignore the side schemes?

May 11, 2022 wehehe · 85

Nice deck, as always @neothechosen. I think you made an Interesting evolution of the deck here.

Parting from a very similar origin of yours, I found myself in a build more focused on having the enemies punch themselves (Energy Barrier, Preemptive Strike, Nova, Electrostatic Armor ...) but I like your approach more on the "healing way". It looks like What Doesn't Kill Me replaced Hard Knocks isn't it? Hard choice there, Hard Knocks is one of my favourite cards from the Protection aspect !

Not sure about Down Time, In my last builds I'm more inclined to use Crew Quarters, but with an already respectable 4 REC, an additional 2 would mean to heal 12 in one round in alter ego, which is great... maybe I'll have to give Down Time a second chance... here

May 11, 2022 neothechosen · 4471


Thank you guys, I appreciate!

@betadjinn Honestly, I did not try Symbiote Suit here. I have this notion that this deck isn't made for it, because you don't especially want to weather a second attack / burst thwart / have a second minion (only the first will trigger "have at thee!") or, worst of all, Shadow of the Past (Loki is the worst!). I'm not convinced the extra card, DMG or hp is worth it, but I might playtest it yet.

@rstorcdk I usually play the game by getting rid of all side schemes, minions, attachments on the villain before thinking about dealing damage. In this case, most side schemes are easily dealt with Defender of the Nine Realms plus, sometimes, a thwart by an ally (or your own, worst case scenario). AND Defender of the Nine Realms gives you an extra card, and minions are usually very manageable with Thor readying so much or having Hammer Throw.


Yes, I keep it to 40 cards and Hard Knocks, altough it is sometimes awesome, is also situational. I could see 2 copies of Hard Knocks instead of Down Time and Anticipation, the downside being that it's more costly and your deck will cycle more slowly as Hard Knocks doesn't stay in play. Still a solid choice though.

May 11, 2022 turtles04 · 196

Wish protection had a couple of Asgard traited heroes..

May 11, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 1764

Love this! I haven't ever considered using Thor in Protection. This is a great idea @neothechosen!!

I thought I would share I possible alterations for those following who may be interested... Not taking anything away from this deck which is awesome! Just an idea for those who have a different playstyle.

See, I'm a sucker for the Symbiote Suit for anyone who readies and has a low hand size (Hi Drax!). This gets Thor's attack up to 4. Then I'm adding Earth's Mightiest Heroes to try and get in extra activations there too. But you need an Avenger. Enter Victor Mancha who I have rarely used. He can exhaust for EMH, but also just sit there for 1 HP minions indefinately. With Starhawk also out, I could theoretically just leave 2 minions on the table with 1 or 2 ATK until I get a Lightning Strike to kill them all at once.

May 12, 2022 neothechosen · 4471


You got good ideas! not sure if it fits with the deck here, but that could also be the start of something for sure. I think I might be playing the deck a little conservatively. In fact, yes I do get a lot of "ready - 2nd attack" going on, but I realize that I see the combination here as some sort of "control" deck (Ever Vigilant or Starhawk to negate threats, What Doesn't Kill Me and Godlike Stamina to negate damage and stuns...). Hence my hesitation towards Symbiote Suit as it introduces potential extra attacks, scheming, minions... which me bay enought to break the "control" pattern I've got going here. I honestly would need to try it seriously in order to make up my mind about it.

I have to thank you, however, as your suggestion gave me a crazy good idea in including Symbiote Suit to a new deck I've been working on. Beware, I had to proxy some cards from Ironheart (out next week so not really available to publish) because... well, there's a game-breaking card in there and I was very excited to share. If you wanna have a look:

Thanks again!

May 12, 2022 Judicator82 · 48

I'm working through a Protection She-Hulk deck right now, it was inspired by What Doesn't Kill Me! It works great for these natural 3 ATK Heroes.

May 12, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 1764

@neothechosen Symbiote Suit is totally a playstyle choice. It becomes more of a rush deck than a control deck for sure.

If you play solo, you'll need to ignore minions and just attack the villian. If you play multiplayer, you can probably set up more though.

Last night, I drew into Loki and was immediately frustrated that I'd have to kill him. Instead, I did ATK4 on villian, EMR to ready for another ATK4. Played Ever Vigilant for the ready for another ATK4 and then a Hammer Throw for 8 more to finish off the villain. Felt like Starlord-lite.

Anyways, yeah totally different playstyle with the symbiote.

Also, I love the idea there for that deck you posted. Thats a huge damage event now in a Spider-Woman deck. Should hit for 12 pretty regularly! Can't wait for you to publish that when the next packs get updated! Spider-Woman's dual aspects make that a really cool idea because its only locked into needing Blue at that point.