Sam Alexander



Cost: 4.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Interrupt: When an enemy initiates an attack against you, spend a resource → deal 2 damage to that enemy.

"I guess my mom was wrong. All those years of playing video games did pay off!."
Ms. Marvel #12.

If you can build for a steady drip of - which is easier than ever thanks to Enhanced Reflexes - Nova can put out an impressive amount of damage.

Captain Marvel and Iron Man are likely to have the biggest incentive to stack energy right now.

Voidrift · 46
Nova is an absolute MVP for my Captain Marvel Protection deck. Being able to kill a minion before it finishes its attack feels so satisfying. — dr00 · 1593
What does "initiate an attack" mean, specifically? For instance, can you use Nova if you are choosing to defend for an attack against an ally? — Dragonclaw · 1