Cost: 1.

Uses (3 medical counters).

Action: Exhaust The Night Nurse and remove 1 medical counter from her → heal 1 damage from a hero and discard 1 status card from it.

Doctor Strange #19.
The Night Nurse
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)

Q: If my hero has a "Tough" status card, do I have to remove it in order to heal 1 damage by Night Nurse?

A: That is correct. You do not want to have Night Nurse heal you while you are tough. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)

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This card is absolutely amazing, with its ability to remove 3 conditions (potentially giving three extra actions) and heal a little bit of damage on top of it! The only weakness is that many enemies really don't stun or confuse you, and in that case the night nurse won't do much of anything, though it isn't totally useless since it still gives a little bit of healing for a small cost, as long as you're careful that she doesn't remove a Toughness card from you.

cnalexander · 125

This is such a fantastic card, and is a ridiculous bargain. For one resource, you can remove a negative status card three times. Athletic Conditioning has the same cost, and only removes one status card once.

Yes, Night Nurse comes with a caveat, since she will also remove 'Tough'. But frankly, that is an almost meaningless concern. Her damage healing is just a bonus effect tacked on to an incredible ability. She removes negative status effects! Essentially freeing your hero to act a full turn early. If you're relying on the Night Nurse for healing, you've made many other bad decisions to get to this point.

Her ability and its cost is so broken, that they have not included her anywhere else...ever. There is a single copy of this card in everyone's library because she only came with Doctor Strange. At this point, even Cosmo (who can synergize with Strange in a ridiculously broken way) has been in more than one expansion.

The Night Nurse is an automatic 'include' in any Protection deck.

MacGhille · 243
She is unique and despite there being only her title that's a specific character from comics, saying that yes, her efficiency is on top of the curve, its auto-include in EVERY protection deck, I remember the first thing I've done after I opened Drax pack was to remove Athletic Conditioning and put Nurse in — Aatxe · 20
The healing may be a secondary concern for you, but the fact is she’s ALSO above rate even if she only healed damage. For the same cost, First Aid heals 2. — Death by Chocolate · 4