When Revealed: Reveal your set-aside nemesis minion and put it into play engaged with you. Reveal your set-aside nemesis side scheme and put it into play. Shuffle the rest of your set-aside nemesis encounter set into the encounter deck. If your nemesis minion does not enter the game this way, this card gains surge.

Core Set #190. Standard #7.
Shadow of the Past
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)

Q: What happens when I reveal Shadow of the Past and my nemesis minion has the same title as an enemy in play?

A: Your nemesis minion cannot enter the game in this instance, so it will remain set-aside and does not enter the game. However, you still reveal your nemesis' side scheme and shuffle the rest of your nemesis's set into the encounter deck. This will cause Shadow of the Past to gain surge as dictated by the card. -(Official FAQ)

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