"Stun Lock" (2.0) - Captain America / Protection

Brian-V · 7354

A lot of new changes in 2.0...



  • Honorary Avenger x3
  • Nick Fury x1
  • Med Team x1
  • Nova x1
  • Energy Barrier x2


  • Down Time x1
  • Expert Defense x2
  • Luke Cage x1
  • Counter-Punch x2
  • Indomitable x1
  • Get Behind Me! x1


  • Captain America is one of the best heroes right now in the current meta, probably without a doubt in solo games. Due to the nature of stun in a solo game, you are basically able to shut down the villain's entire activation in a turn.

  • The Stun Lock takes that idea to the next level with Tackle, allowing you to always have a stun on hand and lock out the villain from ever attacking.

  • A few of his basic cards, like Super-Soldier Serum, Heroic Strike, Shield Block, and Fearless Determination are some of the best in the game.



  • Remember that your alter ego setup initiates after you draw/mulligan. So if you draw your shield, dump it and you'll get it back. As usual you want to get your engine going so any resource cards or those that allow you to draw cards or are resources are keepers.

  • You could also consider keeping 1 ally in hand for Steve Rogers's "Living Legend" ability.

  • Generally, you are searching for Captain America's: Super-Soldier Serum and Steve's Apartment, then depending on your most urgent need whether that is defending or thwarting (Shield Block and Fearless Determination , respectively).


  • Essentially as the name of the deck says, you're stunning every turn with Tackle, Heroic Strike, or Mockingbird. I've had games against Expert Rhino where I've stunned every turn and never took damage. Stun as much as possible while building up your board and flip to Steve Rogers and heal when you get threat to low level and have an ally in hand.

  • You also want to make sure you get at least one Super-Soldier Serum down early so you can ensure having a for Tackle and Heroic Strike. However, if you're in a pinch, don't be afraid to use a Tackle to get that resource -- you have x3 in the deck along with x3 Heroic Strike.


  • With Captain America's Shield and Armored Vest you'll be defending for 4 which can essentially mitigate most attacks. If the villain has extra boost cards or you're expecting a harder hit you have Shield Block.

  • Put down Indomitable when you're able, but "I can do this all day!" allows you to untap on your turn.

Encounter Cards

  • If Captain America has a weakness, it's controlling the encounter phase. Against more difficult villains you'll have a bit tougher time dealing with unanticipated schemes and multiple attacks from Treachery cards. That's where Get Behind Me! and Black Widow come in.

  • After one swing of thwart with Black Widow you'll just keep her on the board solely for her ability. A reminder that Get Behind Me! is a Hero Interrupt, but you will be able to use Black Widow when you are Alter-Ego side. In those situations, you can use Get Behind Me! to pay for Black Widow's ability.

Other Card Considerations:

  1. As I outlined above, I recently changed a few cards.

  2. I added 1 more Get Behind Me! just because, like I said, if Captain America has a weakness in his kit, this is it. And even if you aren't in Hero mode, you can use if for Black Widow.

  3. I added Nova to have another ally to take advantage of Living Legend and also because you'll find that one of the cards that is situational that you don't mind tossing, is Shield Toss - (no pun intended) and Indomitable, because you're stunning so much. Because Nova's ability is triggered by "initiate", you can also still use it even if you plan on defending with Cap. Along with retaliate, it's possible in your situation it's worth it to you to spend a card so that you can kill something attacking.

  4. Tenacity - With a resource always at hand, could be useful if you absolutely have to retap twice, especially with Fearless Determination buff.

Hope you have fun with this build, any feedback is welcome. Also check out my other decks I've playtested extensively on Expert:


Feb 23, 2020 Kalric Honorbound · 1

Hello and thank you for posting this deck! Utterly unaware of your build here, I crafted my own Cap Prot and it was remarkably close. However, I think yours is the slightly better build, as the card pool currently stands and I wanted to hail your efforts! Not only with this Cap deck, but all over this site, your builds prove pretty damned solid. Bravo !!

Feb 25, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@Kalric Honorbound Thanks! Funny thing is I've been playing around with this deck even more lately and I think I have an even better version I like that I'll label this 2.0 with when I update it. Although, I'm sure yours is just as good, Captain America really is just great in general and especially with Protection.

And thanks for the feedback, I had someone message me the other day and said one of my other decks he really enjoyed and was a good enough deck that he could play with his 9 year old daughter 2-player while she learns. Kinda made my day, so I decided to keep on doing the guides.

Feb 29, 2020 Pachuco2k · 1

Wow! This deck really speaks to my soul! Thanks Interweb dude!

Mar 01, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@Pachuco2k Haha, you're welcome. I actually just updated this deck, you might like the new changes even more. It's a better deck IMO.

Mar 04, 2020 gustave154 · 7

This deck is so powerful I have never lost a solo game with it!! Thanks for sharing!

Mar 18, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@gustave154 Thanks! Cap is so strong, he can really do everything. Thwart, damage, control, mitigate damage, allies, AOE, heal, draw, resources, retaliate, you name it! Sometimes he feels like easy mode, but always fun because you have so many options.

Mar 19, 2020 Andrea88 · 2

Hi, I have a doubt, why did you added 3 Honorary Avengers? Only for the +1 Hit Ponti? Great Job anyway!

Mar 19, 2020 Andrea88 · 2

Maybe dropp 3 Honorary Avengers and add 3 Counter Punch? or 2 and 1 Second Wind?

Mar 20, 2020 Brian-V · 7354


Thanks for the comments. I don’t think I would drop more than one Honorary Avenger if you wanted to go that route. It’s one of the better cards in the game, for the mere fact that it is so efficient and thins your deck to draw better cards. In this deck it goes especially well because it’s a strength resource if you have trouble drawing your serums early and allows you to swing more with allies until you get your Med Teams down. Really you should only be using Med Team to heal allies. It also gives you one more health to Black Widow so you can get the most out of your Med Team use with her. Hope that helps!

Mar 23, 2020 cmcadvanced · 1

The Green Goblin hit me once.


May 07, 2020 cantud2 · 1

Do you recommend this for Heroic Goblin? I can't beat that guy! Great deck btw!

May 11, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@cmcadvanced Why'd you let him hit you once, man!?! Haha.

May 11, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@cantud2 I'll be honest, I'm in the medical profession and haven't had any time to play at all recently due to COVID-19, so I haven't tried on Heroic! But I can't imagine this deck would have any problems, it's definitely one of the best solo decks, if not 'the' best. I'll give it some testing and get back to you! Thanks for the comment.

Jun 09, 2020 lostie · 1

I'm assuming Iron First is just an auto include here, makes the stun strategy even better, if that was ever needed :P

Jun 22, 2020 Bilbut · 1

Your deck is so powerful, it almost feels like cheating ! :) I tried Expert for the first time and finished Rhino in 6 rounds. Did not hit me even once. I see that you made some changes (adding Nova and Fury, dropping Cage), but the deck list still seems to be the old version.

Jun 24, 2020 Bilbut · 1

Also, you are talking about having added another Get Behind Me, but it appears as one of the cards you dropped in the list you made about the changes in 2.0. Also you are mentionning Tenacity, but I don't see it in the deck. Which version is the right one ? ^^'

Jun 28, 2020 Scottydog · 1

Just played version 1 of your deck, against Klaw, and really enjoyed it - thank you ! I think Klaw only had two attacks against me, without stuns, and I was able to use Shield Block and Luke Cage's tough status both times. This enabled me to keep on top of thwarting as I did end up with an acceleration token which focused my mind ! Really good fun and can't wait to try the amended 2.0 deck.

Jul 14, 2020 Evil_Sacrament · 1

Great Deck, I’d really like to try this and work a. Unflappable or two in maybe instead I’d get behind me?

Aug 02, 2020 Funkygroove · 1

Outstanding deck. I won against Rhino, Klaw, Ultron and Green Goblin in normal and expert. Only 3 losses, 2 against expert ultron and 1 against expert Rhino. Congratulations for this amazing deck, one of the strongest i ever played.

Aug 19, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@lostie Hey, sorry it took me so long to respond! I will probably update this deck soon with the new cards for a 3.0 after I do some deck testing. But yes, I agree! I would add Iron Fist. Him being a resource probably couldn't hurt either if you don't get your serums down early. Stay safe!

Aug 23, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@Bilbut Thanks man, you can't change the deck once you post it. So I just put the edits in the write up as I change the deck when new cards come out. The "other card considerations" is just where you can tweak or try new things. The 2.0 version just has one Get Behind Me!. But I have to update this deck now anyway for a 3.0 since so many new good Green cards came out.

Aug 23, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@Scottydog Thanks Scotty. I'll probably wait for Red Skull and then do a 3.0 version. Lots of good Protection cards in the last few packs.

Aug 23, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@Evil_Sacrament I agree 100%, have to add Unflappable now. I'll do a 3.0 soon after I do some testing. Thanks for the comment.

Aug 23, 2020 Brian-V · 7354

@Funkygroove Thank you sir! The write ups take awhile, but as long as people get use out of them, it's fun.

Oct 15, 2020 office_clerk · 1

Hey Brian. I’m getting my ass kicked by Zola and all his minions. Any tips?

Oct 25, 2020 Scottydog · 1

Hi office_clerk. I've always found Zola to be extremely difficult to beat. I've used this deck and found that keeping him stunned almost every turn has enabled Cap to stay in hero form and I've not churned through the encounter deck as I normally do. In campaign mode I always select the lazer cannon and hang onto it until I take on Zola. Having the cannon and Shield Toss really helps should the minions start to overwhelm Cap. Good luck !

Nov 19, 2020 四月雨 · 1

Looking forward to v3.0 update.

Dec 02, 2020 SlamminJ · 1

Thanks for building this. I had no idea just how clutch Black Widow can be. She kept me from losing two games in a row!

Dec 28, 2020 aidyl2 · 1

Thanks for your duck!I think the lron Fist is a good choice for stun;What do you think?

Jan 20, 2021 Wrathis · 1

@Brian-V thanks for this guide! I just got into the game a few weeks ago and I love Captain America so this build speaks to me. Have you had a chance to solidify your 3.0 build yet? I just picked up Doctor Strange's pack and threw Iron Fist in there without removing anything but I'm curious if there are better options now.

Jan 21, 2021 VasThePirate · 1

I just played v 1.0 of this deck and defeated Klaw on Expert relatively easily. Awesome deck!

Feb 07, 2021 Stephan0306 · 1

Thanks for this deck. I added Iron Fist and two Unflappable. I did the Red Skull Campaign and win alle 5 games (in standard mode).

Feb 17, 2021 Jagbag13 · 1

@Brian-VHow would you build this deck if one didn't have access to the Ms Marvel pack? I have Core Set, Dr. Strange, and Captain America. So far, Cap is my favorite hero to play.