"Stun Lock" - Captain America / Protection (Cycle 1 only)

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"Stun Lock" (3.0) - Captain America / Protection - May '21 1346 1129 51 1.0
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raonne · 1

Based on Brian-V's "Stun Lock" (3.0) - Captain America / Protection - May '21


But here I only added the updates to his original deck using cards from Cycle 1.

From his 1.0 version, we made these recommended updates: Added: Honorary Avenger x1 Nick Fury x1 Quincarrier x1 Clea x1 Iron Fist x1 Unflappable x1 Electrostatic Armor x1

Dropped: Down Time x1 Expert Defense x1 Luke Cage x1 Counter-Punch x1 Indomitable x1 Get Behind Me! x2

From his 3.0 version, we are missing Never Back Down x2 (Quicksilver) and Starhawk (GMW). In exchange we kept an extra Tackle, 1x Counter-Punch, and 1x Expert Defense.