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Brian-V · 34993

This deck uses 21 to get the most out of Jarnbjorn in combination with Panther Claws & Vibranium Suit. I usually find late game I can often get 10-12 damage out of the combo in one turn and once you have your setup, usually kill the final villain stage in one turn!

  • (See my other decks/guides at the bottom of this page...)


  • The general strategy of this deck centers around resources & Jarnbjorn. Normally concentrating on one resource could really hurt you (especially in solo), however Black Panther better than anyone can get rid of pesky Attachments like Hysteria with Vibranium all by himself.

  • When I originally put this deck together a few weeks before Thor released, I thought it would really suffer with Scheme due to lack of Thwart. However surprisingly, I really haven't found that to be the case at all...

  • Black Panther's native THW 2 & Tactical Genius (which I usually pull T'Challa's Foresight in the beginning of the game have proved to be enough early game to hold me over until I get my setup. I really haven't had a problem beating villains in Solo Expert with this deck with the lack of THW, much to my surprise.



  1. The Golden City!
  2. Resource Cards
  3. If The Power of Aggression, then Hulk (or Hall of Heroes as a luxury depending on set up).
  4. Shuri to pull Jarnbjorn if you can afford to, she can also block that first attack.

Early Game

  • You definitely want to concentrate on THW early, just to try to keep up until you can get your deck working.

  • This means usually you want to get an ally out that can help THW and also take a few hits. Hulk early, often can take a hit or two before dying, especially with Honorary Avenger.

  • Lockjaw can help with thwart early as well if need be.

Late Game

Specific Cards/Combos:



  • Hulk is used early to defend and even in a pinch with 21 you're more than likely to get his +2 damage. Once you have your set-up, and start to get a low deck, look through your discard pile to clue you in to the likelihood of pulling a . Also use, Ancestral Knowledge to put back all into your deck (1 Wakanda Forever! is a ) so you know you'll get a with Hulk's ability.

Honorary Avenger

  • Honorary Avenger goes really well on Hercules (Black Panther more than anyone has the resources to get him on the table) to get the most out of his 3 ATK. Also goes well on Lockjaw to get 5 health so you can manipulate his 2 collateral damage with the 3rd swing. Getting these out of your deck gives you a better chance to pull Wakanda Forever! & in your deck is more for Jarnbjorn & Hulk.

Hall of Heroes & The Golden City

  • Having both cards will allow you to plan some really swingy turns in your favor with +5 card draw.

Enhanced Physique

  • With Black Panther's resource ability you'll eventually be able to easily get all 3 on the table to combo with Jarnbjorn.

Other Card Considerations:

Mean Swing

  • I've experimented a lot with this card lately. Of course the nice thing about Mean Swing paired with BP is that he has two of his own weapons. But the way I play this deck I am usually thwarting with Black Panther early game until I can get set up, which makes it a useless card until later. It is a , which is nice because you can still just use it for Jarnbjorn.

  • However, late game it's so rewarding to play 3-mean swings in one turn! But I find I have so many resources with BP to play Uppercuts (the card I'd probably cut for it) late game I'm kind of torn and those Uppercuts probably help me more over the course of the game.

  • My intial thoughts are that one would be good versus certain villains over another. I'll probably keep experimenting and trying to find ways to add this card but it hasn't been anything that has been significant for me so far other than a huge Mean Swing combo satisfaction -- which just might be worth it!


  • Also not a , but would certainly help with THW. If you find that Lockjaw isn't enough, could definitely add him to replace a card. (Probably, Hercules as @The_Wall suggested in the comments below. I included Hercules in this deck because in playtesting so far I haven't had a problem with THW, plus with Hercules's ability and The Power of Aggression, he's probably a little easier to get on the table than Heimdall.) Definitely a card to consider though as if anyone can afford Heimdall, BP can.

Chase Them Down

  • Certainly a card to consider if you find you're having a problem with SCH. Surprisingly enough I haven't really had that problem so far and would much rather maximize as this card is . Jarnbjorn and is kind of the premise of this deck.


  • You can certainly throw these in the mix, but you're doing so much damage as is, you don't really need it. But it is , Shuri would be able to pull it, and it would work well on Lockjaw.

Other allies that aren't you could consider, but this deck is really about optimizing that resource. If so, something that can thwart -- like Nick Fury (would stay in your deck and hurt your Hulk though).

...As always, any suggestions/feedback or playthrough results are appreciated, thanks! And shameless plug, check out my other decks I've playtested extensively and have gotten a lot of love:


Mar 10, 2020 dr00 · 29266

Really fun looking deck. I'm definitely going to try this with Mean Swing in multiplayer. with multiple weapons it seems he can reliably trigger them, even if he draws more than one at a time

and any excuse to use Hulk! lol

Mar 10, 2020 The_Wall · 112

I agree with the op that Jarnbjorn is a meaty build-around card, and that Mean Swing is better for BP than anyone else but still detracts from the theme slightly.

I personally prefer attacking with Panther and using allies to thwart (hence I prefer Heimdall over Hercules), improving the value of swing. Yet the deckbuilding opportunity cost makes it likely that an attack event gets axed to make space for the swing, which in turn lowers the efficacy of the axe.

Good write up, I look forward to seeing more of your decks as the card pool develops.

Mar 11, 2020 Stefanos · 2

Why is Lockjaw better than Fury in this case?

Mar 11, 2020 Stefanos · 2

Because he has a Physical resource icon, of course, of course.

Mar 13, 2020 Brian-V · 34993

@dr00 BP does work well with Mean Swing and I'm certainly thinking about adding one just because of the BP weapon combos, but I don't think I'd go with more than that for this deck. Just because if I added all 3, I'd just want to go the Battle Fury route which is an . Then I'm losing physical resources. I find late game I'm able to play a lot of Uppercuts and with no way to really untap BP that I can think of off the top of my head right now (other than something that wouldn't be worth it like Tenacity), multiple Mean Swings won't do much for me, even though I could play them to proc Jarnbjorn. I don't know, I will probably experiment with 1, would be good early game when I need the resources for other things. Maybe I just should have said "what @The_Wall" said and saved you from reading all this.

Mar 13, 2020 Brian-V · 34993

@The_WallYeah, exactly what you said in response to @dr00. - lol.

Heimdall is certainly a consideration, you're right and I don't even know if I had thought of him. I think I chose Lockjaw because of the physical resource and the fact that BP doesn't get hurt too much by the inefficiency & has the benefit of getting to pull him from discard. But in place of Hercules, is certainly something I'll try.

And thanks :)

Mar 13, 2020 Brian-V · 34993


Actually I realized what I wrote about Mean Swing and untapping doesn’t make any sense. Haha. The only draw back is less “(attack) events” for proc’ing Jarnbjorn I guess. Late game you’d have a few weapons tho and it would cost less. I don’t know, I’ll have to test both more, but maybe it’s more efficient even with less attack events.

Mar 14, 2020 RisingSunStudios · 150

This deck is immense. Played last night in a 3-player game and once had the upgrades up and running, the damage was ridiculous - one game I had 3 Wakanda Forevers in my hand, enough resources to play them all in a single turn and enough Enhanced Physique to use Jarnbjorn on every attack!

Mar 18, 2020 Brian-V · 34993


Agreed. Pretty fun when that happens, I can often get 10-12 damage in a turn off of just Jarnbjorn once you get your setup. Combined with the events/allies/attacks, that usually kills the villain in one turn. Thanks for the comment!

Mar 20, 2020 Randoom · 21

really funny deck, I tough the same idea for thor but with CP works faster! i get some copies of Mean Swing cause gets versatile; boosting your attack, or doing damage on another target trough Jarnbjorn's ability

Mar 20, 2020 FreqKing · 25

Nice build. I suppose it's implicitly built on the assumption that a person only owns one Thor pack. But from a theoretically optimal deck-building perspective it seems to me you would want 3 Jarnbjorn to ensure the engine gets started early. I see no reason you couldn't use proxies to achieve that if you weren't interested in investing the money in additional hero packs.

Mar 20, 2020 FreqKing · 25

Sorry, ignore that last comment. Jarnbjorn is unique so only 1 per deck is allowed.

Mar 20, 2020 Brian-V · 34993


Thanks man! Hopefully with more card additions it ends up working for Thor as well. Mean Swing certainly goes very well with BP, maybe the best right now with 3 weapons. Definitely one of the cards I’ve experimented with in this deck and don’t think it’s a bad idea at all. Let us know how it goes.

Mar 20, 2020 Brian-V · 34993


No worries man, you are exactly right. But my bank account is kind of glad we only have to buy one hero pack anyway! And maybe the deck building rules will only get more confusing in the future with allies that will have hero versions!

Mar 20, 2020 Randoom · 21

@Brian-Vit gors sweet!! I don't like too much the control style so I play it aggro, and god he's good! When you don't get mu ch to do just throw up your hand to strike like hell For and aggro approach, I just throw any fist that is not draw engine and man it's fun

Mar 23, 2020 oldoly · 1

Thanks for posting this, and your other lists as well! You’re a very skilled builder!

Apr 15, 2020 Atticus · 1

I tested with basic Rhino and defeated him without a single thwart! It's really a impressive deck!

Apr 24, 2020 Steel_Web · 1

Yo, I love your decks! Your tech strategy is on point! When I start deck building I come to look at what deck you have to compare!

May 11, 2020 Brian-V · 34993

@Randoom Interesting! Usually I'm more balanced and don't do as well with all out aggressive decks. I'll definitely give that approach some attention :)

May 11, 2020 Brian-V · 34993

@oldoly Thank you my good sir! Can't wait 'til we get some new cards (I'm in the US). Will be fun to play with these decks and see if we can't tweak/improve them. :)

May 11, 2020 Brian-V · 34993

@Atticus Nice, man! Maybe throw in some Mean Swing if you're having no trouble with threat! Especially if you're going multiplayer. Thanks for the comment.

May 11, 2020 Brian-V · 34993

@Steel_Web Thank you, I appreciate the compliment! I love the deck building aspect of the game and also love to compare to see what other good ideas people have come up with. Take care :)

Sep 05, 2020 Vortilion · 147

What’s „THW“?

Sep 09, 2020 Randoom · 21

The threat amount you can remove with your hero, or your blue stat, depending on context

Sep 24, 2020 dukepuccini · 7

Isn't She-Hulk a better option than Hercules? Drop Kick and Martial Prowess could also be considered...

Nov 11, 2020 stephenfurmanek · 7

@dukepuccini This deck was built when the most recent cards were Thor's kit.

To your suggestions, I think She-Hulk, especially with Honorary Avenger, is a great replacement for Hercules.

Nov 18, 2022 ninedown · 1

any chance of an update on this with the current pool?