"Deft Webs" - Spider-Man / Aggression

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Brian-V · 9156



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  • Spider-Man is naturally good at defense. With Toe to Toe you often have no repercussions because of Webbed Up and Backflip. I also primarily use Hulk for defense. But in a pinch Hulk won't hurt you so bad if you draw because you have minions with some good HPs or they can heal/not leave the table.

Other Card Considerations:

  • If you can fit in another Into the Fray, by all means do so. I didn't find I needed it.

Hope you have fun with this build, any feedback is welcome. Also check out my other decks I've playtested extensively on Expert & Heroic:


May 08, 2021 dr00 · 7776

Brian is back!

what a monster of a deck

May 10, 2021 rstorcdk · 1

This is really really good. Spiderman shines !

May 12, 2021 Onions · 17

Boot Camp and Black Cat are a great pair! What do you think about including First Aid or Honorary Avenger to buff allies like Sentry and Brawn? Would that keep them on the board too long (prevent other allies from being played)?

May 12, 2021 Brian-V · 9156

@dr00!!!!!! Thanks, man. Always a huge honor when you approve of a deck.

May 12, 2021 Brian-V · 9156

@rstorcdkThank you sir!

May 12, 2021 Brian-V · 9156

@Onions I think both those options are good to consider! Usually I didn't have a problem in play testing keeping things on the board I wanted to stay or by the time they served their purpose I was able to replace with a similar ally. And with a good amount of allies that could be on the board permanently or others that had high HPs it wasn't so much an issue. Also I never really worried about keeping things on the board too long. Just have them block and die (best use of an ally with one health) or per the rules you any ally can just replace another by just discarding one already on the table. Thanks for the suggestions!

May 21, 2021 elderpapagaio · 1

Who do you think would be the most synergetic hero to pair with this build, Spider-Man is my favorite to play.

Jun 11, 2021 Siris101 · 16

This is the best spiderman deck I've tried. Good job! I beat Klaw and Zola on standard with it.