Item. Tech.

Cost: 1.

Uses (3 web counters). (Enters play with 3 counters. When those are gone, discard this card)

Hero Resource: Exhaust Web-Shooter and remove 1 web counter from it → generate a resource.

Core Set #8. Spider-Man #12-13.


  • Looking at it purely from a cost perspective, you’re paying 2 ER (Effective Resources) to gain 3 resources. In other words, you are taking a small tempo hit when you play this card to gain a small tempo boost the next few turns.
  • However, I believe the true value of this card lies in the fact that it produces 3 -resources.
  • The obvious use for the -resources is to play cards that require a specific Printed Resource.
  • Perhaps less obvious is how incredibly useful these -resources are in helping you to efficiently discard Villain Attachments.
  • It is worth noting that a HERO Resource Action is required. This is something I expect is often overlooked simply because in the game you mostly generate resources from hand, which does not care about Identity card side.

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