I Can Do This All Day

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"Stun Lock" (3.0) - Captain America / Protection - May '21 1346 1129 51 1.0
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Torchangel007 · 1

When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who oppose his shield must yield!

This deck takes advantage of Cap's legendary stamina to keep himself readied as often as possible. Indomitable and Desperate Defense work with "I Can Do This All Day" to allow Cap to defend multiple times during the villain phase, and with cards like Armored Vest, Shield Block, and Captain America's Shield, he has an easy time keeping his team alive.

Of course, the best way to avoid damage is to not get attacked at all, and with some help from Mockingbird, Cap can consistently keep his enemies stun-locked. Super-Soldier Serum is a fantastic upgrade that lets Cap get the most out of Heroic Strike and Tackle, with the former keeping pressure on the Big Bad and the latter dealing with annoying minions.

Since Cap wants to spend most of the game in Hero Form, he won't allow the villain to Scheme much to begin with, but with Agent 13 and two copies of Fearless Determination in his Hero Pack, he has a lot of potential to deal with Threat. In particular, playing Fearless Determination with "I Can Do This All Day!" lets Cap thwart for 6 during his turn! Black Widow can be used to Thwart as well, but is more valuable for her Interrupt, which allows Cap to keep his momentum by cancelling encounter cards that would otherwise diminish Cap's ability to protect himself and his team.