Venom - Justicia (perfeccionado)

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MiguelCantillo3 · 897

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Tested with Poison Goblin with tenacity in expert mode. The dynamic works perfectly.

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Objective of the Deck and Cards:

The deck consists of taking advantage of the continuous confused states. Three copies of Sonic Rifle were included. Improvement arma that together with Multi-Gun and Venom's Pistol will prevent us from discarding cards from the deck excessively during the preparation of the game, in addition to combat with Locked and Loaded and the three copies of Run and Gun.

Think Fast!, confounding the villain for just one resource and one damage if your character has the guardian trait as is the case. And Concussive Blow, which through the hero ability of Venom we can deal three additional damage.

In turn, the three copies of Scare Tactic will use Behind Enemy Lines, "Think Fast!", Concussive Blow and Sonic Rifle to deal 3 damage for just one resource, the same as Sonic Rifle will be able to do 3 damage if the enemy remains confused.

Continuous confused states will allow us to play in alter-ego. Also, Venom through "Think Fast!" and his ability on hero which allows us to deal 1 damage to produce a resource , useful on Behind Enemy Lines, Grasping Tendrils and Savage Attack, will wear down Venom being essential to add Crew Quarters and Down Time to recover life together with Project Rebirth 2.0.

As for the allies, Eros was included, where to include it in a deck that fits better than this one?, as well as Spider-Woman, playing it for 1 resource on many occasions.

Lastly, an indispensable Helicarrier was included in any Venom deck combined with Behind Enemy Lines, Grasping Tendrils and Savage Attack confusing and stunning the villain much more easily. Side Holster increasing the number of restricted weapons common to this character. And Heroic Intuition taking advantage of the justice aspect.


Initially, Venom was used in aggressiveness along with the weapon upgrade cards (Fusillade, Mean Swing, Hand Cannon, etc). However, it was much more efficient to use this strategy on Valkyrie, which incorporates Dragonfang and Valkyrie's Spear, weapon improvements that it is not harmful to exhaust them.

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Testeado con Duende Veneno con tesón en modo experto. La dinámica funciona perfectamente.

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Objetivo del Mazo y Cartas:

El mazo consiste en aprovechar los continuos estados confundidos. Se incluyeron tres copias de Sonic Rifle. Mejora arma que junto a Multi-Gun y Venom's Pistol nos evitará descartar cartas del mazo de manera excesiva durante la preparación de la partida, ademas de combar con Locked and Loaded y las tres copias de Run and Gun.

Think Fast!, confundiendo al villano por tan solo un recurso y un daño si tu personaje presenta el rasgo guardián como es el caso. Y Concussive Blow, que a través de la habilidad de héroe de Venom podremos realizar tres daños adicionales.

A su vez, las tres copias de Scare Tactic se valdrán de Behind Enemy Lines, "Think Fast!", Concussive Blow y Sonic Rifle para realizar 3 daños por tan solo un recurso, del mismo modo que Sonic Rifle podrá dañar si el enemigo permanece confundido.

Continuos estados confundidos nos permetirán jugar en alter-ego. Además, Venom a través de "Think Fast!" y su habilidad en héroe que nos permite realizarnos 1 daño para producir un recurso , útil en Behind Enemy Lines, Grasping Tendrils y Savage Attack, hará desgastar a Venom siendo fundamental añadir Crew Quarters y Down Time para recuperar la vida junto a Project Rebirth 2.0.

En cuanto a los aliados se incluyó a Eros, ¿donde incluirlo en un mazo que se acople mejor que a este?, al igual que Spider-Woman, jugandola por 1 recurso en muchas de las ocasiones.

Por último, se incluyó Helicarrier indispensable en cualquier mazo de Venom combando con Behind Enemy Lines, Grasping Tendrils y Savage Attack confundiendo y aturdiendo al villano de manera mucho más sencilla. Side Holster aumentando el número de armas restringidas común en este personaje. Y Heroic Intuition aprovechando el aspecto justicia.


Al comienzo se utilizó a Venom en agresividad junto a las cartas de mejora arma (Fusillade, Mean Swing, Hand Cannon, etc). Sin embargo, resultó mucho más eficiente utilizar está estrategia en Valkyrie, que incorpora Dragonfang y Valkyrie's Spear, mejoras arma que no resulta perjudicial agotarlas.


May 08, 2022 Marctimmins89 · 44

I built something vaguely like before I had access to "Think Fast!" and of course Spider-Woman. This looks fantastic. I like it when a deck showcases the Hero and its strengths and traits like this.

May 08, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 897

Exactly @Marctimmins89. If you have already built this same strategy even without cards like "Think Fast!"" o Spider-Woman, it makes us think that Venom leads us to the same lines of thought with a defined strategy.

May 09, 2022 Immanent · 1

i'm sorry but i really don't see how this deck is gonna work against Venom Goblin; you do know that his phase 3 has Stalwart right?if you missed that, oh boy you are in for a surprise because this whole deck is built around confusing the villain, which you can't.

May 09, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 897

Thank you very much for your comment @Immanent. Indeed, that's why I chose Poison Goblin to test it. During phase II despite having tenacity I controlled the Villain confusing him, once I got Multi-Gun and Venom's Pistol, I went to phase III of the villain to kill him quickly with Run and Gun.

May 11, 2022 lt_clayton · 1

Your deck looks great you deal with villians with Stalwart in all phases like Thanos? Is it viable?

May 12, 2022 MiguelCantillo3 · 897

Very good question @lt_clayton. If you manage to defeat Thanos attach the link of the game xD Knowing that most of the justice cards would be annulled, I consider Thanos his Achilles tendon