Tech. Weapon.

Cost: 3.


Hero Action: Exhaust Multi-Gun → choose one of the following:

Deal 2 damage to an enemy

Choose a player. Deal 1 damage to each minion engaged with that player.

Remove 2 threat from a scheme.

Jeremy Haun
Venom #8. Venom #12.

This card is insanely good. Makes Venom extremely versatile and should be a top priority card to acquire via mulligan. It's also the best way to manage his nemesis when combined with Run and Gun to clear the board of them using the second option.

This cad also acts as Venom's signature ally even though he technically doesn't have one. Think of the Multi-Gun as a 3 cost 2ATK/2THW ally with a special ability to ping minions for one damage and doesn't take consequential damage when it does basic actions, but it can't block for you.

DoxaLogos · 195
I had not made the connection that this is basically the signature ally. That's really clever! :) — Fry · 190