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neothechosen · 32

This is an update on my previous " attack me if you dare" deck. (

I've moved a few things around, notably adding Invulnerability as a way to stay in hero form longer, as I usually face-tank with Hulk. It's also fun to use with Toe to Toe: the villain cannot attack but takes 5 dmg anyway, for 1 resource. Great value. And it's a physical resource, which is good for Hulk.

I've also changed allies a bit, using those with a physical resource. Lockjaw can be used as a quick thwart if you're in a bad situation. Mockingbird as a stun and block, of course. I kept Brawn for some thwarting and She-Hulk for some more. I kept Tigra for situations where you have to handle minions, but I'm sitting on a fence about that one.

Also, I've thrown in Get Over Here! as a way to get rid of stuns or tough, they are a real bummer when you want to Hulk Smash but are blocked by a status card.

Finally, some more resources with Enhanced Physique and Helicarrier. I kept Quincarrier which I like a lot to trigger Jarnbjorn.

And of course, I kept "You'll Pay for That!" and Counterattack. If I'm going to use Toe to Toe or face tank, these two cards can be real good.

I'll admit that adding so many cards had me puzzled: where to cut? I took out 1 counterattack, 1 toe to toe, 1 you'll pay for that. but I also took out Drop Kick. I often found that drawing a card with that one was inefficient, but I'll admit I might miss the extra damage. Maybe put it back cutting Tigra and 1 Invulnerability? Also, I took out double-resources Genius and Energy as Hulk actually pretty much only need fists. (Thx to Dr00 for that idea, check his deck : (

I'll admit I'm running out of space for Skilled Strike and Mean Swing (using Jarnbjorn ) and might try to include them as they are cheap and effective.

So there you have it! As I said before, not a deck for solo, but if you play multiplayer, it's fun and feels like the Hulk!

Have fun!


Sep 15, 2020 dr00 · 2775

hey, thanks for the shoutout!

i think Mean Swing isn't that reliable with only one weapon available for the whole deck anyway. maybe when there's more weapons for sure! but Skilled Strike is definitely really cool. it could maybe replace Get Over Here! if you're less worried about stun or tough (if a protection player is running The Night Nurse for example, and you have plenty of allies who can ping away the toughs)

btw, Invulnerability just makes Toe to Toe a really expensive Uppercut. i think if you run Toe to Toe, just lean hard on Hulk's massive HP and retaliate with Immovable Object. i think Down Time and/or Endurance will probably give you a bit more mileage out of going that route

really cool take on the deck!

Sep 15, 2020 neothechosen · 32

Hey thanks a lot!

Indeed, Invulnerability isn't as hot as I thought, I might replace it with Endurance as you suggested.

I've tried building another deck for solo, where I've had more success with Piercing Strike and Press the Advantage. They do a better job than Get Over Here! because they can also damage the villain.

thanks for the feedback!