Ms. Marvel - Very Big Hands (Project Post-con) [J]

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Michaelangelo · 3033

This deck is part of Project Post-con: building a ready to use deck for each existing hero, just using the available card copies of buying each pack once. This does not only enable fast pick-and-play, but it also makes each deck feel unique, as not everyone is using the same powerhouse cards. Each deck is intended to be fun and usable in expert mode, but none will be the absolute strongest possible due to the card limitations. Looking for other decks? Search for the Post-con tag.

Project Post-Con build V2.0

Removed since previous version: 1x Under Surveillance

Added since previous version: 1x Vigilante Training

Ms. Marvel is often hard to get a hang of, but once she get's going, she storms through with her great upgrades and persona's. Her pre-con protection deck did not synergise to my likings, so I switched it up to Justice, where she shines. This deck works on multiple of her powers to make sure she fits in any scenario:

  • potential to double up on any attack or thwart event and raising it's power with Shrink or Embiggen!. Multitasking really is her most useful card, making sure she cleans schemes as no other. The deck tries to keep a good balance in attack and thwart.
  • Crazy card draw and hand control through her persona's and hero/alter-ego abilities. On average, she plays with an effective hand size of 9 or more per turn once set-up.
  • High recovery, so defending is no longer an issue.


Resource-wise she does not need much special due to her good card draw. She is stocked on the basic resources and has enough targets for The Power of Justice. All resources are furthermore great to store under Bruno if they are not immediately needed.


  • Red Dagger is a decent ally. Not too much synergy going on.
  • Venom is great due to this decks perfect control over schemes. With the exceptions of some scenario's, Venom can usually attack with only 1 consequential damage.
  • Jessica Jones works great with this deck's focus on tacking side schemes.
  • Spider-Man is here to fill up in flexibility between thwarting and attacking.



Her persona's really shine her for resources and cards. As she likes to flip on every turn, she also get's plenty use out of them:

  • Aamir Khan is probably the second priority after Shrink. Not only does he provide yet another card. He also makes it possible to set-up for later hand.
  • Bruno Carrelli further helps this set-up by saving any card you can't use now, for an even bigger hand later.
  • Nakia Bahadir finally gives yet another resource to pay the many cards you'll be drawing. The other 2 supports are great value as well.
  • Avengers Mansion with a cost of 4 will almost seem cheap to play for Ms. Marvel and typically pays back, as this deck is not intended for rush strategies.
  • Beat Cop gives great value as well. Not only for making sure that main scheme is empty for Venom, but also hitting on minions, which are probably the biggest treat to this deck.
  • Vigilante Training get's your best Shrink target back: Multitasking, and is worth it for that alone. However, think wisely for using it, as it destroys the sequence Aamir Khan can set up. On the other hand, if order is less relevant than the card, shuffling the deck gives you the possibility to see your Aamir target sooner. In all, Vigilante training thereby gives a lot of interesting choices during the game.


  • Multitasking is really the core event of this deck. With a bounce and Shrink this is 6 thwart on 2 schemes for a 1-cost card.
  • Sneak By is decent, but not great in Justice, where there are better options. But Big Hands hands is great to get some extra attack in this aspect.
  • Wiggle Room the only defence you'll need. And don't forget you can bounce this as well. Works good with Great Responsibility as well.
  • Turn the Tide is her favourite attack event in this side scheme clearing deck. With a bounce, this effect is even doubled for free.
  • Concussive Blow is ideal for the confuse, as Ms. marvel loves a free flip. And with Ms. Marvel, you never have a resource issue.
  • Finally One Way or Another gives even more insane card draw and more side schemes to target with Jessica Jones, Multitasking, Turn the Tide etc. Play responsibly!

In conclusion, Ms. Marvel is a scheme clearing, card hoarding monster with big turns. If you like to feel in control, with all options in your hand to figure out the puzzle, she's the hero for you.