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Bronze · 75

Peter Parker doesn't have a limitation on what he is trying to do in the early build up like some of the other heroes (Iron Man / Black Panther ). He also isn't focused on damage output such as She-Hulk. Captain Marvel might be another option. But I think that Spider-Man is a good candidate for a leadership deck.

Spider-man has the potential to play things easier such as some of the expensive characters while Captain Marvel makes it easier to find them. Spider-Man also has that draw mechanic when in his hero form as well though. I think the best ally in the game though for Inspired comes from Spider-Man in the form of Black Cat. A character that won't take themselves out as they attack is a great candidate for an upgrade.

I think that Lead from the Front is pretty conditional on when it will be good but is a nice mid to late game card so a good 1 of. You might not need 3 Make the Call, but it is nice to find it when you want it to bring an ally back. You will also get rid of your allies faster with Get Ready as you find them and you should have no trouble with targets for that.

First Aid can target your allies, so if you want to keep someone around longer like Vision or Hawkeye with a couple charges still on him, this is a much cheaper way to keep them out than bringing them back with Make the Call. And of course acts as a defense for Spider-Man himself if needed instead.

The rest of the cards are focused on making things cheaper with icons or with the Helicarrier.

A couple of these allies are perfect for using as a meat shield and bring back later. So use that as a means to keep yourself alive when you don't have a Backflip handy. You'll see those allies again. If you manage to slow down the villain enough with Mockingbird or Webbed Up you can give yourself those extra turns to make use out of each of your allies to their full benefits before they need to soak a hit.

Your allies are your threat reduction, damage and meat shield. It will be a slow process but they will do lots of work for you. If you have to slow down a bit to get off a Swinging Web Kick, then do so because it is hard to pass that kind of damage up when you have the opportunity.


Nov 06, 2019 Rev30 · 1

I like the description of your reasoning on the card choices that you have made.

What do you think of The Power of Leadership and is it useable when you play Make the Call? A single wild doesn't seem that useful if you are not getting the extra benefit. Spider-man doesn't really have triggers on specific icons.

Nov 07, 2019 HeWhoLaffs · 1

How have you found Vision to be in this deck? I’m finding him almost a dead card. His action ability requires an energy resource and you only have a total of 6 energy cards. 2 of those cards, Hawkeye and Balck Cat, I’d likely never pitch to use Vision’s ability as I’d rather have them on the table, especially Black Cat, and you only have 2 wild resource cards, neither of which I’d also really feel good about using for his ability either.

For 4 resources, it seems Vision’s worth really comes from his ability but I don’t find myself being able to use it often at all. Maybe as future cards come out, but I feel he’s more situational at best with the lack of energy cards right now and will likely drop him, maybe for an avengers mansion

Nov 07, 2019 Bronze · 75

@Rev30I am actually not sure. If you mean whether or not The Power of Leadership would trigger a second wild off of getting back Black Cat, Mockingbird or Nick Fury I can't say. I am not sure whether that counts as the cost being associated with Make the Call or with the ally itself in that case. Maybe someone has some insight there.

But, I might be subbing out the The Power of Leadership for just some Helicarrier or Avengers Mansion as another deck up here with a similar theme is doing. I haven't decided yet and will get some play attempts through.

@HeWhoLaffs I actually have had very pleasant experiences with Vision. It's true that you if you have more icons to focus on him he will be better, but to guide a deck for a single copy card wouldn't really be that wise. It's better to just hope you see them when you want to. But on average you will see it every turn with 5-6 cards in the deck being drawn every turn. If you do, great, if you don't then he tends to be an ally you can make a choice about using that turn or the next. Typically waiting inside leadership means that you'll probably get to use him twice next turn anyway with Get Ready. Usually in the games that I have put him out he has had some serious bomb turns of doing 10 damage with an Inspired on, or removing 6 threat from the table or a mix thereof. He has some really strong bomb potential. Don't worry too much about icons at this point. Anyone with that type of spike should be considered. But sometimes it is better to play other things when he is drawn. That's ok. That's what is nice about this game is that good cards are never really dead.

Nov 08, 2019 Bronze · 75

Ironically I just listened to a podcast with one of the designers about the topic related to using The Power of Leadership with Make the Call and it only affects leadership cards.