Cost: 2.

Hero Action: Choose a player. Each character that player controls gets +1 THW and +1 ATK until the end of the phase.

"Let's go everyone!" -- Carol Danvers
Core Set #70.
Lead from the Front

I think that on it's own this card is pretty versatile in the right situation. It gets more powerful based on the number of allies, but it is somewhat unusual to have 3 allies out on the table at the moment. But, it is pretty common to be capable of getting 2 allies on the table. Since your hero is also a character, with 2 allies on the table you would have a flexible 3 damage or 3 threat removal with this card.

This basically will add 1-4 damage and/or threat removal on the table. You will likely play this when you have 1 or 2 allies. In that situation it is 2 resources for 2-3 damage and/or threat. That isn't great in comparison to less situational cards like For Justice! or Haymaker for the same cost, but it's a nice support card in the Leadership role and you can split how it will be handed out.

You might be sacrificing an ally that you were originally intending to use for soak at that point in order to take advantage of the event since you won't be sitting on multiple fresh characters at the time.

You can get extra use out of the card with Get Ready or Make the Call pulling someone back at the right moment.

In multiplayer it is also possible to just use it on someone else that is prepped to take advantage of it without needing to be in a position yourself to take advantage of it when you have it.

I think that it is a pretty solid card to include but because it has minor situational plays it is likely best as a 1 or 2 of in a deck and not a triple.

Bronze · 132