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NocturnalAnimal · 12747

Been having a lot of fun experimenting with various decks using Wasp, both in solo and with another hero. As I primarily play the former, I've gotten accustomed to playing with the Justice aspect which has fast become my favourite.

I absolutely love Wasp's suite of Hero cards. There's a couple of cards that I find situational (looking at the Upgrades there...), but her events combined with her Alter-Ego ability to shuffle resource cards back into her deck make her incredibly flexible with all aspects, and it is this idea that the deck revolves around.

Being in Justice, gotta get the Thwarting cards out of the way; it's incredibly refreshing not to play For Justice!. I've plumped for Lay Down the Law as I'm constantly shifting my form (depending on the situation) and Clear the Area, which can help provide some much needed card draw, an area that Wasp is somewhat lacking in. Other than that, there's a couple of copies of Counterintelligence to provide some protection from the inevitable drawing of at least one copy of Advance when in AE mode, and Under Surveillance which I find pretty much essential in 1-2 players.

I've also gone for a copy of Heroic Intuition; it's not essential but when combined with Wasp's Helmet in Giant mode if I don't have a Clear the Area to hand, I can take out the last one or two Threat on a side scheme without feeling like I'm wasting some big stats. There's also a couple of copies of Skilled Investigator too to help out with that resource problem I've found Wasp has (the spare copy is owing to it being 0 cost and I can give it to another player), and rounded out the Upgrades with Followed just for a little extra damage but it's also the wildcard slot so I'll swap this out for something else depending on the scenario.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what allies Scarlet Witch's deck brings. In the meantime, it's a case of having to settle for what Justice currently has. I've had turns where I've pulled 3 side schemes out at once, and as such prefer Jessica Jones over Daredevil. Quake is a cheap ally that can help ping off weaker minions, and Agent Coulson is there to pull Counterintelligence. Lastly, Nick Fury and Ironheart are in for some much needed card draw but also have that lovely resource too.

Round out the deck with the usual suspects' Down Time, Endurance and some resource smoothing Supports. I'll be taking out Helicarrier for Sense of Justice once Quicksilver's deck hits.

Had a lot of success with this deck, taking out Expert Rhino, Klaw, Ultron, Crossbones, Taskmaster and Red Skull. Wasp has some fantastic events in Pinpoint Strike (one of THE best hero-specific events, and usually the main target of the AE ability) and Wasp Sting (so darn good when playing against Expert Ultron). Resources are something of a problem for Wasp but from my experience, a lot of the Justice cards are fairly cheap so she can focus on damage dealing where possible.

I think this is possibly her best aspect, though Protection really works for her too (I have a variant of a Death by a Thousand Stings deck). Aggression has come on leaps and bounds since the Core days but I prefer that on Ant-Man when I'm partnered with him. Leadership is still good stuff thrown in, and I toyed with a deck based around boosting Stats using Teamwork etc but I found the deck was so much about set-up and getting the right cards at the right time, that I just seemed to end up playing the likes of Pinpoint Strike anyways and went for a deck that was just about recycling allies with Make the Call and Rapid Response for various ETB benefits whilst concentrating on just hitting the Villain.

Any c&c's are always welcome!


Feb 02, 2021 RevDRob · 7

Looks good, very similar to what I was thinking, with the exception being I am not a fan of Jessica Jones. Are you finding yourself in AE often? I have a hard time sustaining in hero mode with Wasp (Ant-Man spoils us there). I think I'd lean to one first aid instead of JJ, thoughtsm

Feb 02, 2021 NocturnalAnimal · 12747

@RevDRobThanks! Honestly, Jessica Jones is a placeholder there purely for when I play multiplayer or the likes of Red Skull, I fully intended to drop her like last night's dinner as soon as Scarlet Witch's pack drops (she'll be replaced by one of the spoiled allies that I won't name as a nice cheap ally instead). I'm not a big fan of her either but she's fairly costed and currently there's something of a relative dearth of Justice allies to choose from! I just generally like to have around 5 allies in non-Leadership decks.

I also change into AE mode pretty much every turn purely to cycle back in either Pinpoint Strike, Lay Down the Law or Clear the Area (well, depending on what I draw anyways). One good thing is that it means I very rarely get handed an extra encounter card, something that happens quite often when I play my old favourite, Captain Marvel. But Pinpoint Strike is just such a crazy good card, I can see it at least 6 times before I have to shuffle my discard pile back into my deck!

Feb 03, 2021 RevDRob · 7

@NocturnalAnimal That makes sense as Justice is the best positioned to make the most of her AE ability by far. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Feb 03, 2021 neothechosen · 7787

Hi! I built a deck that's somewhat similar with the intent of focusing on AE's G.I.R.L. power, absolutely agree with you, it's incredible!

I'm curious about a few things, like, why 2 Skilled Investigator and no Avengers Mansion? Investigator is limited to 1 copy and Mansion would sure help with the lack of resources you find she has.

Also, by re-shuffling Genius again and again I actually found Wasp to be quite resourceful... almost feels like you have 3 Vibranium like Black Panther (altough it's not but ).

Feb 03, 2021 NocturnalAnimal · 12747

@neothechosenI went for 2 Skilled Investigators mainly as there aren't a whole lot of other options in Justice at present, but often I play with a mate who runs a Cap Protection deck that is slow on the draw. Essentially in solo it gives me double the chance to draw it, and I'll just pitch the other to pay for a Pinpoint Strike or such, or it can help a teammate out. I don't mind Avenger's Mansion to a point but I'm not particularly struck on using an entire turn just to play it and do nothing else. Generally, I've found I don't really need it in this deck.

Genius does often get shuffled into the deck, as does Nick Fury and Ironheart. Good thing is there a heck of a lot of resources in this deck so I can just shuffle back in what i need depending on the situation.

Feb 08, 2021 Superbosher · 136

Please could you like my decks because I liked yours.

Feb 08, 2021 Superbosher · 136

@NocturnalAnimalTake out one Skilled Investigator and replace it with one Beat Cop.