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VillainTheory · 20156

Some plans are complicated. Others? Mighty simple - and it don't get more simple than point 'n shoot.

Directed Force is a new card that adds +2 damage to attacks with a keyword such as Overkill. Most importantly it's an Hero Interrupt - so it can ready Ghost-Spider through her Dizzying Reflexes hero ability!

How do we reliably gain a keyword when we attack? Through Hand Cannon which gives our basic ATK Overkill. Through running three of these, we have reliably access to the keyword to play Directed Force! And the beauty of Overkill is it means no damage is wasted.

  • Archetype: Basic ATK
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Play Style: Fast (low setup)
  • Recommended Player Count: 2+
  • Ideal Aspect Partner: Justice

Mulligan Priorities:

Quickstart Guide:

  1. Try to ready once every villain phase and once every hero phase! This is done by playing Interrupt or Response events - and fortunately for us, we're packing 23 of them. Ghost-Spider is all about this.

  2. Aim to keep a Hand Cannon out at all times so Directed Force is online.

  3. The Best Defense lets you ready for cheap when defending - it works best once Combat Training is in play, and is great for George Stacy to hold. (Consider swapping this card for Warning against the heavy-hitting villains!)

  4. Your allies are your cheap emergency blockers. Play one and keep it around with at least 1 hp to block if the villain activates for a second time that puts you in danger.

  5. Angela can help find a target for Moment of Triumph or Chase Them Down.

  6. Plan B and Blade are great ways to dispose of excess cards, most notably drawn from triggering your second Web-Bracelet and then not having the resources to play that card directly. Don't underestimate them!

  7. Two copies of Combat Training make it easier to find, but also make it easier to choose NOT to play it - safe in the knowledge you'll find the next copy again soon. Consider playing the spare on another identity in multiplayer if you have the resources.

Alternative Cards:

The only essential cards in the deck come from Dr Strange (Skilled Strike), Galaxy's Most Wanted (Hand Cannon), Valkyrie (The Best Defense…), and Psylocke (Directed Force). And, of course, Sinister Motives for Ghost-Spider herself and the core set. Moment of Triumph and the allies can all be substituted for any of the below cards and/or the next cheapest allies you have.

  • Warning - A great, cheap way to ready in the villain phase. The problem is that, if no one ends up taking damage, you can't play it. In other words, this card is best against heavy-hitters and, against them, can outclass The Best Defense…. Swap this in against them.

  • Assess the Situation - This is a great card in general, but it is popular deckbuilder dr00 who I first talk about using it to boost the amount of cards you get from Ticket to the Multiverse. This is a super cool interaction and will do well here.

  • Moment of Triumph - We have one, but you could have more. Avoiding having to go alter-ego to heal with Ghost-Spider is a huge benefit. Consider swapping out 1-2 copies of Chase Them Down for this in multiplayer if you're confident in your team's threat removal.

  • Spider-Man Peter Parker - This ally is surely one of the most powerful in the game, and you know Ghost-Spider loves his readying. The problem is that this deck isn't good at meeting his resource requirements which can often leave him unplayable. While you can risk including him anyway, definitely add this guy if a friend is running Call for Backup in multiplayer!

  • Lock and Load - This side scheme is a great way to get a Hand Cannon into play through defeating it with Chase Them Down in solo play. With that said, Chase Them Down isn't always usable, this deck is intended more for multiplayer, and with three Hand Cannons you will usually be able to find and play one without issue!

Thanks for reading! Good luck!


Sep 26, 2023 Renna · 1

I think Warning, the basic event is inherently better than The Best Defense in this build. Great Build tho!

Sep 26, 2023 neothechosen · 9124

Great idea! Love this!

Sep 26, 2023 straightflushcards · 1

Long time reader, first time caller!

SinMo was my first ever campaign! Love Gwen but I don’t understand the lack of Web-Warriors here. Surely Otto is better than Ironheart at least because draws a card and has better stats? Why does Gwen struggle playing Peter? She has her double wild card that she can cycle in the deck and Across the Spider-Verse!

I usually just play standard and mostly try to stay on theme, so maybe this is more optimization than I’m used to. I have played expert Rhino though, and his stun and tough and exhaust cards are very bad. Peter can help and make sure I can still do the other cards.

I also see people write that chase them down is a solo card, but your write up says multiplayer. Do you recommend I swap for one of the cards in the end? Someone else said Warning? If she defends she doesn’t need the off theme allies to block maybe? Do you find you have 2 leftover resources often enough that you want Blade and Plan B? Maybe I can fire Blade and hire Peter? Or Miles?

Sep 26, 2023 Sluggie · 2

You "could" run a Resourceful {cough, hack} and have it wait for Peter. That way any 2 different will be good for him. It is an "option". Sure, it technically means you pay 1 extra mana for him...but...but...Oh Peter!

Sep 26, 2023 VillainTheory · 20156

@Renna Thanks! As for Warning, I've had mixed experiences where I simply haven't taken enough damage to use it. In 4-player, someone is probably taking damage to ready from it, but in 2-player not always. The Best Defense… has a lower ceiling for potential but is always usable.

@neothechosen Thank you!

@straightflushcards Hi! Regarding Peter, I don't think the single double wild is enough when the rest of the deck doesn't have many energies. Now, you could build more in but then it starts to look like a different deck.

Likewise, Across the Spider-Verse is not in this deck. You could add it, but then you have to add Web of Life and Destiny, and then you probably want more Web-Warriors and it's a different deck entirely. Otto would work well but would only be better, in my opinion, if we did add in Web of Life and Destiny.

Peter would definitely help with an extra ready, though, yes. Stuns are definitely this deck's weakness.

Chase Them Down is still great in multiplayer and a lot easier to trigger there. In solo, you will often not have a minion on the board. In 2-player, you double your chances of a minion, and so double your chance of being able to use Chase Them Down which is a very efficient card. In 3-4 player, it's practically guaranteed. Whether you swap it or not depends on how confident you are in your group's threat removal, but it's by no means just for solo play.

In an ideal world, I would have a version of this deck for every player count with every combination of aspects. Because you could change up a lot depending on the situation.

As it is, she is meant to defend. The allies are there for emergency blocks and have some utility. 2 leftover resources is very rare - but running both Blade and Plan B in one deck gives you options between playing one or the other, lets you find one sooner, and both still aren't bad to play. Even if you don't need both, Blade can soak indirect damage and block when needed while you still have Plan B to dispose of excess cards. But certainly neither are among the "essential" cards I list and you could change them as you like.

@Sluggie Resourceful is a great idea to help with Peter! I think he's worth the extra cost. The biggest downside to this I see is that it's very possible to see Peter early, then this, then have to wait a long time to see him again to play him. But it could very well still be worth it. Definitely in longer games.

Sep 26, 2023 VillainTheory · 20156

@straightflushcards On reflection, Otto is definitely the superior ally. Regardless of other choices he should probably be swapped in!

Sep 26, 2023 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6084

@VillainTheory I wonder if Brute Force would be worth it to get the Piercing Keyword to help trigger Directed Force?

Brute Force + Directed Force would be +3 ATK plus a ready for 3 ER which is actually pretty reasonable cost-benefit. Hand Cannons are probably better for the overkill and for staying on the table longer though, but this had me thinking of Brute Force again. Haven't brushed that one off in a long time now...

Oct 02, 2023 boomguy57 · 161

I swapped Otto for Ironheart, but otherwise this seems like a fun deck to try out!