Cost: 1.

Play under any player's control. Max 1 per player.

Hero Action: Exhaust Plan B and discard 1 random card from your hand → deal 2 damage to an enemy.

Sinister Motives #24.
Plan B

Plan B allows you to convert spare cards to damage, without being an attack. This can be either a blessing (if you're stunned, or Intangible) or a curse (if you were wanting to clear that stun).

Note that this is a fairly inefficient way to convert cards to damage. Two damage for one card is fine, but since you have to pay 1+card up front before you're allowed to start making that trade, it really only breaks even after about five uses (1+6 cards for 10 damage).

Might be best in Protection or Justice, as Aggression and Leadership tend to have better access to efficient ways to put out damage. And as hinted above, could be good for Vision if you're planning on spending a lot of time in tank mode.

Fry · 241
This is essentially a colorless Jarnbjorn, with less restrictions. The only downside is you can't use generated resources to pay for it, it must be a card, but otherwise, this is pretty simply better. Not the worst thing if you're looking for a cheap upgrade to put in a deck. — Erathis · 16
The fact that Jarnbjorn pays off much sooner, by virtue of being usable more than once per turn, makes me value it a good deal higher than Plan B. It's also generally better to be able to pay resources rather than cards, though requiring a physical resource specifically evens that part out a bit. — Fry · 241
This should be valuable for Hulk, who can often get stuck with an unplayable card in his hand that's just going to be discarded anyway. — MightySchoop · 37
Neither Plan B, nor Jarnbjorn, even "pay themselves off" they are always "inefficient" no matter how often you can trigger them (unlike say Combat Training or Boot Camp which do pay themselves off eventually). Since one resource is worth about two damage, neither card ever "makes up" their initial investment, they mearly break even each activation. As such, neither card is "good", Plan B at least is colorless, doesn't take a weapon slot (when that matters), and is more flexable in what it can take (any card vs a fist resource only). While Jarnbjorn has the option of being used multiple times a turn, I would argue that you should hopefully have better things to do with your resources each turn then put them into Jarnbjorn. Plan B (and Jarnbjorn) are only worth it to spend what minor resources you have left at the end of your turn, they are not good things to actually focus a turn on. — Erathis · 16

Plan B is designed for those characters that can get stuck with cards they can't play, and to still get some value out of them. This can work with some leadership characters, such as with Cyclops. You can grab it immediately right at the beginning of the game with his Alter-Ego "Constant Training" ability. Then, when you draw a hand full of tactic upgrades that can't be played because you've either got them on enemies, or they're all minion-specific and there are no minions on the board, instant value.

Martymaus · 190
I want card art with Cyclops biting someone's arm. — RabidHobbit · 11