Venom Reborn

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Methos · 264

"Trapped with no way out. The rage feeds my symbiote. The rage makes it strong. It chose me -- knows I need it -- knows my thoughts. Distorts perceptions. There is no controlling it. Gives me what I need to plow these bastards over. Pay them back for the way they've treated me. They have no idea the beast they've awoken... they will." - Flash Thompson: Venom Vol 2 #12"

A Justice Venom deck is a fun one. Having two ways to confuse an enemy is just priceless. Taking full advantage of Venom and Flash Thompson abilities. Let's break it down.


  • Wraith is used to take care of any nasty effects during the Villain phase. He is like a support card with 3 counters on it.
  • Drax provides a lot of punch to the villain only, this is because Drax doesn't like small targets in general ;)
  • Gamora gives access to the events, it's like an extra card draw.
  • Martinex is cheap to play so easy to get on the board.
  • Jack Flag is a thwarting power. With Mission Training attached, he can do a lot of thwarting and a lot of damage over time.


  • The only additional event to the core deck is "Think Fast!". It is essential as it will allow more frequent use of the Alter-Ego use of Recovery and Project Rebirth 2.0.


  • As we all know, Justice is all about controlling the Threat. Therefore, 3 copies of Beat Cop. Expensive, but once on the board, the threat will never be a problem again.
  • Avengers Mansion and Knowhere are cards drawing power.
  • Crew Quarters is essential as going to Alter-Ego is necessity.
  • Helicarrier is just awesome for what it does, plus it looks cool.
  • CITT is situational, and more often than not, will not be played, but it has saved me numerous times in desperate moments when I needed this tiny bit of extra damage or extra thwart.


The deck is very versatile and can control the threat while outputting the necessary damage.

--Side note--

After set-up, Locked and Loaded becomes a bit of a dead weight, but I simply cannot justify including Sonic Rifle and Side Holster in the deck. If you want to include them, you can swap one copy of "Think Fast!" and Mission Training for them.



Jan 23, 2023 mv2392 · 90

How are you playing Mission Training on a non-X-Men? Is this meant to be played with an x-men deck? Teamate?

Jan 24, 2023 Methos · 264

@mv2392 you are absolutely tight. My bad... I have place an update note to fix this