Cost: 1.

Max 1 per player.

Response: After you defeat a minion, exhaust Interrogation Room → remove 1 threat from a scheme.

"Oh, she's sorry! Let me get the keys and call you a car service!" -- Misty Knight
Core Set #63.
Interrogation Room

This is one of those cards that seems to be villain situational. In a scenario with Rhino, you don't really have that many minions. In a scenario with the other two villains those chances go up. I would include this as a single copy in a Rhino game and multiple copies of it in a villain set that has more minions.

Since more cards are drawn from the deck in multiplayer games, you will see more minions on the field. It doesn't matter if the minion is engaged with you or not. It just matters if you take them out. So, with three other heroes this card's usability goes up considerably.

A situational card for me that goes from 1-2 copied, but I don't think warrants a third since you can only have 1 per player and the other 2 would be dead cards.

Bronze · 113