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VillainTheory · 24392

"I am Groot!" — Groot

Forcefield Generator changes everything.

Groot has historically struggled to keep his growth counters against any villains worth their salt and, with a Forced Interrupt on his hero card, not even defense events or Energy Barrier can help him. But Forcefield Generator also has Forced Interrupt, and thus one Forcefield Generator can protect up to 6 growth counters!

Suddenly, Groot can consistently land his events for 10 damage/thwarting - and use his upgrades such as Vine Spikes reliably.

At the time of posting this deck has successfully defeated:

  • Expert Thanos
  • Expert Klaw
  • Expert Zola (in 2-player with Hawkeye Justice)

(Iron Fist was swapped for The Night Nurse against Thanos)

If you like this deck, I'd really appreciate a ❤ !


Step 1: Forcefield Grootinator

This deck really gets going once you have a Forcefield Generator in play. Playing Groot even for a few turns with one makes a world of difference, letting you consistently use everything for full value without fear! It feels like how Groot is meant to be played!

Unflappable is arguably worth more, being a reliable and cheap way to boost Groot's economy, with Armored Vest hot on its heels to help protect those sacred growth counters. Hard to Ignore helps maintain the threat, and Helicarrier helps Groot's economy even further.

Fertile Ground is your best find when you mulligan, followed by Unflappable and Helicarrier. Armored Vest and Hard to Ignore are the next best finds and should be played as soon as possible.

Step 2: I am Groot.

Survival while setting up is the name of the game. Even with Repurpose and big "I. AM. GROOT!" plays on the cards, Protection doesn't do anything in a hurry. Leverage your growth counters to maintain board control while playing upgrades.

Your allies are your primary source of thwarting, and you shouldn't feel bad using any of their final hp to thwart with rather than defend - although defending with one can set you up to thwart or attack with your upgrades~ Med Team is ideally here to keep Rocket Raccoon thwarting, but is fine to use on anyone to help you keep the main scheme low and clear side schemes.

Often underestimated, Groot's 1-cost upgrades are all useful and should be used! Vine Shield is especially useful for protecting our growth counters when we don't have a Forcefield Generator or we're trying to protect one that's low while we have a Repurpose in hand. Vine Spikes helps to clear minions, and Entangling Vines provides much-needed thwarting.

Use Root Stomp and Fruition to keep your growth counters up while using your upgrades. Repurpose your Forcefield Generator whenever it down to 1 or 2 counters, or sooner in an emergency - and replace it with another Forcefield Generator as a priority!

Black Widow is the surprise savior of the deck. While something of a tempo loss initially, dodging Advance and Shadow of the Past has made a huge difference in my plays with this deck and she's more than earned her spot. With Unflappable drawing you a 6th card, I've always had a mental resource when I've needed it..

Step 3: I. AM. GROOT!

Once Groot has set up, it's time to end the villain.

With 10 well-protected counters, "I. AM. GROOT!" hits hard and can quickly set the villain up for lethal damage. When solo, once I find the opportunity to hit the villain in their last stage with a big "I. AM. GROOT!", I start blasting through growth counters with Vine Spikes and Lashing Vines and fishing for a Repurpose. Root Stomp is a lower priority but perfectly helpful to help finish off the villain.

With Unflappable, Helicarrier and Deft Focus, it's very possible to play two "I. AM. GROOT!"s or Root Stomps AND Repurpose, and then use your Groot upgrades. It's unlikely, but there's a potential of 34 damage in one turn as Protection! And, over two turns, it's very easy to hit these kind of numbers.

Alternative Cards

  • Gamora - More events are never a bad thing. Well, not unless she discards Fertile Ground. But, in general, Gamora is a great addition who also loves Med Team.
  • The Night Nurse - An amazing card that really shines in scenarios with stuns/confuse. There's nothing worse than being stunned with Repurpose waiting in hand.
  • Agent 13 - Although it can be hard to find the tempo to play her, she combos well with Helicarrier and Med Team to get you a lot of resources and a lot of threat removal.
  • C.I.T.T - While not very effective by itself, Repurpose makes C.I.T.T. gain a lot of value if you can find the space to take the tempo hit of playing it.
  • Tackle - A solid inclusion for multiplayer. In solo, this gets in the way of Unflappable.

Good luck and have fun!


Sep 26, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7105

Love this deck. Repurpose and Forcefield Generator make Groot much stronger.

Did you ever consider Gamora and Med Teams to pull those awesome events more reliably? Once she is out, its like a 7th card in hand (after Unflappable trigger for the 6th)

Sep 26, 2022 VillainTheory · 24392

Thank you! @teamcanadahockey2002

I did consider adding Gamora and a few more basic allies but cut them all as the deck started to become a Power in All of Us deck. Only Rocket survived the purge for thematic reasons. She's definitely a solid addition and I can't fault adding her in, great shout!

Sep 27, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7105

@VillainTheory Totally fair! I actually don't even use her myself in my version of this deck, just thought I'd throw it out there for the fun conversations :)

Actually, I add the Multiple Men, hoping to throw them out Turn 1 so they can soak up 3 attacks and remove 3 threat immediately while I build up tokens. One of them plus Fertile Ground is my hope for Turn 1.

Anyways, as always, love the deck and the discussion! Cheers!

Sep 29, 2022 neothechosen · 10156

Love it! I was looking forward to building my own Forcefield Groot for a while but play time has been scarce for a while.

I agree with @teamcanadahockey2002 on Multiple Man, he's been a regular include in protection solo decks, altough Snowguard is equally awesome for thwarting and has been one of my top choice for a while.

Out of curiosity, did you by any chance try expert Klaw? He's one of my favorite training dummies and really puts your thwart capacity to the test.

Sep 29, 2022 neothechosen · 10156

Oh my bad! You already wrote about Klaw! I may need new glasses...

Dec 09, 2022 Alpo · 87

In solo games, is 2x Unflappable a must? I am thinking about cutting 1 and adding 1x Electrostatic Armor or a second Hard to Ignore, since we are going to defend with our hero a lot.

I am also considering swapping Iron Fist for Snowguard. I know it is basic and not protection, but it is a much better thwarter. And Iron Fist stun is maybe not too useful because we want the villain to attack?

Jan 04, 2023 VillainTheory · 24392

@Alpo Sorry for the lateness of this reply! I was taking a break from the game over December.

Nothing is strictly a "must", though I do strongly recommend keeping the 2x Unflappable. Groot has bad economy (low resource generation/high costs) so getting it in play early is really valuable and smooths out the whole deck.

With that said, swapping out Iron Fist is a great move in solo and I think Snowguard is a great choice to replace him.

Jan 04, 2023 Alpo · 87

@VillainTheory Thanks for replying. I ended up swapping Snowguard for Iron Fist and then added +2x Hard to Ignore + 1x Electrostatic Armor while keeping both Unflappable.

The deck is bigger this way, but those are cards that are going down to the table and out of your deck. So mid/late game they don't bother you in your deck. In the early game having two copies of Unflappable helps with bigger deck getting between you and your unflappability.

Jun 08, 2023 Xikitins · 1

Looking for a good Groot I found that one, but I think that deck does not work anymore since rules 1.5, because in the timing chart force interrupt resolve before interrupt, so fortified field does not save any growth counters. Its a pitty… Any advice for new Groot decks?

Jun 08, 2023 Xikitins · 1

Sorry my bad. Generator is forced interrupt. Still works :-)