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dr00 · 18766

Spider-Man: HERO or MENACE?!

I'm not normally a fan of yellow, but things have changed quite a bit since the core. Here is my latest attempt at making it work with one of my favourite heroes.

General Strategy This deck is primarily intended for solo play, and as such, you're going to spend the majority of your time in hero mode, defending against the villain and using your events and allies to help deal damage and take care of threat. Backflip is good not only for preventing a lot of damage, but also for allowing Spider-Man to contribute some damage himself on the next turn. Occasionally you'll need to heal up, and thankfully you can accomplish that quickly with Aunt May, healing 4 on the turn you swap and 4 again on the next turn before you swap back.

Spider-Man is blessed with arguably the best attack event in the game with Swinging Web Kick. With three copies in his signature cards, you'll rely on this a lot for helping to take down the villain.

And of course, Justice is perfectly suited for delaying the villain, preventing their schemes from advancing, and staying at the often easier early stage schemes and preventing side schemes from build up too much over time.

PHOTOS OF SPIDER-MAN "Get me Spider-Man!" - J Jonah Jameson

The Basics The deck includes current meta staples, Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, and Quincarrier, the latter of which has really improved consistency for all solo Avengers decks. These along with Web-Shooters and Scientist allow for Peter to build for some pretty big power turns.

Also included are Endurance and First Aid. Endurance is used to give Spider-Man a good 30% boost to his life total as well as an instant heal. First Aid should primarily be used to heal allies to extend their impact on the board. No Down Time because Aunt May is all the healing you'll ever need, healing for 8 every time to swap.

Allies Nick Fury is a nice burst of card draw or damage as well as a free block (you should basically never need the thwart, but it's an option too). Black Cat is simply for consistent ping damage and removing tough status cards.

Aside from that, you have three solid justice allies: Agent Coulson, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones. Coulson can fetch Counterintelligence which can be played or used as an extra resource.

Daredevil is your MVP here, able to thwart for 2 and damage for 1 or simply damage for 2, whereas Coulson thwarts for 2, and Jessica Jones attacks for 2 (and occasionally thwarts for a lot). Be sure to use First Aid to keep them alive, prioritising DD, JJ, then Coulson.

Events and Upgrades The events Concussive Blow, For Justice!, and Stealth Strike and the upgrades Counterintelligence and Under Surveillance are included to help round out Peter's signature Swinging Web Kick and Spider-Tracer.

Concussive Blow is primarily used to allow you to have an easy transition turn whenever you need to swap to alter-ego to heal up. Only 2 copies are used because this will actually be fairly infrequent.

For Justice! is used to help blow up troublesome side schemes, especially if you draw a Masterplan. Occasionally you can use it on the main scheme, but there's a lot of threat management here anyway.

Stealth Strike rounds out the suite with the ability to deal moderate damage to minions and also potentially clear some threat. Of note, a single SS can kill Vulture and clear all but 1 threat from Highway Robbery, which is pretty stellar. Additionally, it's a , so you'll be able to grab it with Black Cat.

Counterintelligence is more consistent than For Justice! since you can set it and forget it, only using it when you really need it. It's not as efficient, and you can only have one copy out at a time though. Under Surveillance complements this by increasing the threat threshold. Together, they can do a lot of work on certain troublesome schemes such as Rhino's single stage, or Ultron's The Crimson Cowl or Countdown to Oblivion. This deck can quite easily win against Ultron while staying in Stage I the whole game.

Final Notes

  • I'm really excited to try out Beat Cop when it arrives. It seems like it will slot in very well here.
    • Foiled! and Great Responsibility, despite thematically fitting here, doesn't actually synergise well with Spider-Man or solo respectively, but it could be a definite boon in mulitplayer
    • Followed is a decent include and could replace Stealth Strike for side scheme-heavy encounters; also keep in mind that the damage can bypass guard (but not Ultron III's ability)
    • Quake is a fun card but just not great for the same reasons as Foiled!--you just won't have much opportunity to trigger her ability that often.
    • Interrogation Room seems like it would fit really well here, but since you spend so much time defending (and the recent changes for 'you'), Spider-Man's basic attack or an attack event has to do the damage to a minion for it to trigger, and you'll spend a lot of the game defending, and there aren't many attack events you'll be using on minions, Concussive Blow and Swinging Web Kick usually reserved for the main villain

Jun 16, 2020 Jabberwocky300 · 1

I just destroyed Expert Rhino Doomsday Chair with this. Great deck!

Jul 27, 2020 dr00 · 18766

@Jabberwocky300 grats! glad you enjoyed the deck

Aug 19, 2021 Jashugan · 8

I really like when someone take time to speak about his deck and put old comics pictures in description... :)