Stark Industries Weapons Depot (Confuselock WM Partner)

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Tony Stark - Weapons Dealer -

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This Iron Man deck was made to play with a War Machine partner, but could conceivably support any character that likes to flip as it provides reliable confuse, strong thwarting, and great board stabilizing potential.

Heroic Fury - War Machine


Gun Runner


The biggest attraction here is the Stark Tower + Sonic Rifle combo. Once you build the suit, Sonic Rifle will be the only tech card in your discard. That means that you can always pull it with Stark Tower. For instance:

Turn 1: Play Rifle. Flip up and confuse villain, partner flips down

Turn 2: Confuse villain, Iron Man flips down and pulls Rifle with Stark Tower. Play Rifle.

This way, one player can always be flipping down to alter-ego every turn. We also guarantee that The Power of Justice will always have a target.


War Profiteer


We are also capitalizing on Tony's amazing thwarting capability by running side scheme tech. One Way or Another helps dig for our power cards and one-ofs. With Followed and Turn the Tide dealing great value damage and Skilled Investigator drawing more cards. Despite running Justice, Iron Man can really carry some weight in terms of minion and villain damage.

Iron Man's thwarting can be so strong, that not many thwart events are needed, namely, only two For Justice!. Heroic Intuition is incredibly valuable when combined with Arc Reactor. Quasar combos nicely with the Mark V Helmet. Eros is a natural 2-THW 2-cost ally, Jessica Jones benefits from One Way or Another, and Quake is a nice body, but also a good source of damage while we're in alter-ego. Agent Coulson + Counterintelligence for another 2-THW ally and some alter-ego threat prevention.

Helicarrier to support the team, and Quincarrier to provide Aerial. Lastly, three doubles to set up quickly, recur Sonic Rifle, and use Pepper Potts for.


Other Considerations


Scare Tactic is highly usable. But I found with all of the other sources of damage this deck puts out, that it wasn't needed.

Two Against the World in theory is nice to search Sonic Rifle or Arc Reactor, our two most important tech cards. The problem is that it requires both players to be in hero. First two turns, you are very unlikely to flip to hero, when you most need your tech cards. After that, one partner will almost always be in alter-ego. The partner ready is usually wasted as well, unless they defended or were exhausted by an encounter card. I found this to be very situational.

More copies of Sonic Rifle. This is very valid, and I'd probably remove Counterintelligence and Agent Coulson if you go this path. I didn't just because once you get the one out with Stark Tower, you don't need a second. The deck is very flexible, with multiple avenues of play, so getting the lock early wasn't strictly necessary. However, if you are playing against a villain with Steady, you will need to run two. It's doable but more expensive. Stark Tower will return one on the turn you flip down and the second on the turn you flip up. It's just going to cost you that much more.

Under Surveillance is always nice against certain scenarios. This deck can burst thwart so much, that I didn't feel like I needed it.

Impede is actually a nice way to guarantee having a for aerial if you weren't able to get Quincarrier out.

Enjoy the deck! Let me know what you think! If you like this, you'll probably like my other decks too!