Wendell Vaughn


Aerial. Guardian.

Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Response: After Quasar enters play, remove 1 threat from each scheme in play.

The Mad Titan's Shadow #47.

So this is kind of a weak thwarting card, to be perfectly honest; three to five thwart and a block is okay, but compare to, say, Blindfold, who has four thwart, a block, and villain deck manipulation.

The most interesting thing this card does to me is deal 6 damage with 4ec in Justice colors, a trait shared with Jessica Jones (Who has a worse ability IMO) and Bishop (Who also gets to thwart but requires you tanking three hits in Justice). In my personal experience, Justice can have the hardest time closing a game. This is fine in multiplayer, where you can focus your energy on managing threat while your Aggression buddy deals with the HP, but in singleplayer it can lead to acceleration tokens and one good Scheme action closing out the game.

Most heroes have some way of closing out the game in their 15 cards plus hero, be it something like Black Panther's retaliate and weapons meaning his kit is oriented around chip damage, or something more like Spider-Man's Swinging Web Kick; that is, two or three cards that deal a huge burst of damage (usually with a hero-themed rider). Cards like Quasar and Bishop help remove the burden from the latter type of card, although they do so with less efficiency.

Bottom line, I don't think there are many singleplayer Justice decks who need this card, but I do think the option is there if you're hurting for a way to close out the game.

DaLucaray · 14
It's a solid ally with guaranteed value - 4 damage, at least 1 thwart, and a block (FYI Blindfold is only 2 thwart if you block). Small synergies for Aerial and Guardian traits. An ally I'm never embarrassed to include on rate alone, but with so many allies in the game can easily be left out for better combos — Stretch22 · 540
His value increases with player side schemes on the table. — Nived · 7