Ronan Goes Vegan (Expert 1st Try)

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VillainTheory · 24392

Ronan Goes Vegan

♪ ♩ ♫ Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig, does whatever a Spider-Pig does...! ♫ ♩ ♪

Have you ever wanted to know what it felt like to have infinite resources in Marvel Champions?

Enter Spider-Ham + Clarity of Purpose.

It's so good it feels like you're cheating!

Clarity of Purpose is a new 1-cost upgrade that, if you're Spider-Ham, gives you 2 resources every turn. One from using it, and one from Spider-Ham giving you a Toon Counter when he takes damage. It does make you lose 1 hp as a cost - but your REC heals you for 5, and you start with a huge 12 hp! It's worth it even for 1 resource, getting 2 is ridiculously good!

It's like getting two Quincarriers for 1-cost.

This deck is the fastest I have ever built up a board in all of Marvel Champions - and this is against Expert Ronan. At the time of writing, I have fought Expert Ronan solo twice and won easily both times.

The aim of this deck? The most powerful solo deck possible for Spider-Ham. But this deck will work great for other villains too and arguably works better in multiplayer since you can go alter-ego more easily without the main scheme potentially advancing.

**Note: I now recommend adding in Across the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man Otto Octavius, and swapping out 2x Last Stand.


Step 1: Gain Insane Resource Advantage!

With three Clarity of Purpose in your deck, you're very likely to draw one early. It's your main mulligan target and ideally you want it on Turn #1. As soon as you have it, everything starts falling into place. Use it every single turn.

In addition to Clarity of Purpose, Spider-Ham gets a Toon Counter from any source of damage - if you would take damage anyway, it's basically free. It's a benefit no other hero would get in that situation. Insanely cheap resource generation from Clarity of Purpose + free resources is so unbelievably powerful.

Against Ronan, going alter-ego is difficult and should only be risked if you can get the threat down to zero and a Confuse status token on Ronan. Fortunately, removing Ronan's weapon (that gives Stalwart) also gives us a Toon Counter. When you are alter-ego, using The Daily Beagle and Spider-Ham's REC is another 2 Toon Counters in the bank.

Conveniently, Ronan has a lot of 1 ATK minions. While you don't want to get overwhelmed, their damage is great for farming even more Toon Counters. Keep 1-2 of them at low HP at all times to generates tons of Toon Counters while being able to defeat them quickly for when you need to go alter-ego to heal.

Ronan and other villains also get Retaliate at certain stages. Hit them and let them kindly give you a resource!

It really, really feels like cheating to have this many resources. Build your board up while smashing every minion and side scheme that comes your way!

Step 2: Unleash the Allies!

Spider-Ham leading an army? You bet. As you go, you will naturally build up allies and Web of Life and Destiny is great to get early on. SP//dr will be able to trigger Web of Life and Destiny every turn after the first turn of playing her by first attacking for 1 consequential damage, then thwarting for 2 on the next turn - rinse and repeat.

You may find yourself having so many allies you have too many out even with just 6 in the deck. Even with The Triskelion! SP//dr effectively takes up an ally slot for the entire game.

Using Make the Call for Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, or Captain Americat is incredible. With Spider-Man, you can ready up for an extra 3 thwarting once Organic Webbing is in play (or 4 with the Power Stone!).

But the other two are arguably better than even the mighty Peter Parker basic ally - Captain Americat puts any Spider-Ham card from your discard pile into your deck AND gives you a toon counter, while Ghost-Spider finds you a Spider-Ham card when she leaves play (and the Spiders trigger Web of Life and Destiny if you don't have an infinite loop of SP//dr set up). Between the two of them, your best cards just keep on coming.

The ideal target for Captain Americat to get for you is Cartoon Physics. With Ronan's ridiculous boost cards, attachments, and the fact he gets two boost cards guaranteed if you have the Power Stone? Reducing all that damage down to 1, making sure you keep the Power Stone, and getting a Toon Counter for your troubles is incredible.

"I Don't Think So!" is an amazing choice for Ghost-Spider to grab just hold it until the end of your turn. Avoiding some of Ronan's encounter cards (namely Fanaticism) is critical - between this, Cartoon Physics, and the action on the Kree Command Ship (that you will be easily able to afford) you can just shut Ronan down for a whole turn. And trust me, you'll still have resources to do so much more.

Ghost-Spider has a LOT of good cards to choose from, though. Need a confuse? Swinging Web Pig. Minion bothering you? Go grab Hogwashed!

Ghost-Spider, SP//dr and Spider-Man will all trigger your Warrior of the Great Web too. You'll find your ATK going up quickly once your board is established - and with all those readies, you can hit stupidly hard.

Nick Fury and Maria Hill do what they do best. Draw more cards, thwart, and block.

With so many Cartoon Physics as well as Nick Fury, you'll find you start to have allies sitting on 1 hp with no need to block. Enter Last Stand, a card I rarely ever use elsewhere but love here. 3 extra damage for a 0-cost card (1 effective resource) is incredible. Use it on Captain Americat, Ghost-Spider, and even Maria if the threat is under control.

This damage adds up very quickly. And you can speed run Warrior of the Great Web triggers for burst damage alongside quick card draw from Web of Life and Destiny.

Step #3: GO HAM!

Between your resources and your allies, the game should honestly just start to take care of itself. You will easily have enough Toon Counters to use Huge Wooden Hammer and Organic Webbing every single turn - with the Power Stone, that's 5 damage and 4 thwarting before you even look at your hand. Against anyone else, that's still 4 damage/3 thwarting for 2 resources and your regular exhaust.

And remember, you'll get even more damage from Warrior of the Great Web. Go play those allies! It adds up fast.

Don't be afraid to play Swinging Web Pig purely for damage too, even if it's mainly there for the Confuse to let us heal. And don't be afraid to burn allies quicker with Last Stand if the whole board is quiet. You can even discard your own ally with Last Stand, then Make the Call straight back for them again. You can do this on purpose to farm '+1's from Warrior of the Great Web and really wrack up the damage!

Against Ronan specifically, you will find the Retaliate in his 3rd stage makes your allies fall much quicker - but if you have put down almost all your upgrades/supports like I did, it won't even matter. With all your combo pieces, defeated allies just mean more chances to replay them with Make the Call for even more card draw/readying/Toon Counters.

Now? Congratulations! If you followed all this, you probably made Expert Ronan look like Standard Klaw.

Other Notes:

If you try this deck outside of Ronan, don't be afraid to add Symbiote Suit. It's a Power Stone in your pocket with a sweet +1 to all your activations from readying (Organic Webbing + Spider-Man) - the +1 handsize is nice, and the +10 hp is a luxury you can abuse with Down Time and even Crew Quarters combined. Having 22 hp makes it all too easy to get even crazier with Toon Counters and you won't need to worry about the extra encounter card.

Across the Spider-Verse is also an amazing card for this deck if you wish to add it. You can build your board quicker at the start of the game - and use Last Stand more aggressively for Warrior of the Great Web by the end of it.

You can remove one or two of the spare Clarity of Purpose cards too if you need space to put something else in, but I strongly feel he gains so much from just having one attached to himself - you want the highest possible chance to get it on the first turn. Every turn without it is two less resources, be warned!

In multiplayer, consider adding Mockingbird to help protect your other players. Just don't stun the enemy if you're first player and itching for a Toon Counter!

And beware his nemesis. The Green Gobbler (what a name!) will strip you of all your Toon Counters. Play cards hard and fast, try not to accumulate too many counters if you don't know where Shadow of the Past is and be sure to use "I Don't Think So!" to block it at all cost if possible!

And, finally, thanks journeyman2 for our discussions on Spider-Ham over Discord, the deck wouldn't be this good otherwise!

Thanks for reading and good luck! Comments welcome =)


Jul 15, 2022 neothechosen · 10156

Seems pretty sweet! Also, love the use of Last Stand... I like to find a place for these cards that we usually don't plau. Thanks for sharing!

Jul 15, 2022 VillainTheory · 24392

Thank you! The first version of this deck didn't have Last Stand but I just had too many allies and always wanted to get hit with Cartoon Physics, so I could use it then recur it again with Captain Americat/Ghost-Spider.

Jul 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 21349

Thank you for the tag!! This deck looks strong and it’s not pulled-porking any punches!!

(Minor note in the write-up, but Ghost-Spider only searches events, so can’t snag Cartoon Physics unfortunately. I don’t think this affects the strength of the deck whatsoever! Last Stand is the kind of unique tech pick I like in a deck :)

Jul 15, 2022 VillainTheory · 24392

Haha! Yeah, it's kind of a pig deal.

(Oh yes, got a bit carried away writing this out quickly. Edited, fixed and expanded upon!)

Last Stand works really well here. Between his stats and Ham It Up, threat was never really a problem at any point. I ended up using the Milano to block a treachery every turn. And health wasn't much of a problem with multiple allies per turn and getting Cartoon Physics at every opportunity.

Jul 15, 2022 gustave154 · 21

Leadership just keeps getting more broken cards lol

Jul 15, 2022 kamalisk · 441

I tried a similar deck. Clarity of Purpose is definitely the star.

Why Helicarrier though? Almost all of the cards can be played with Team-Building Exercise and it is 1 cheaper. (6 cards cannot be played with it, and one is clarity of purpose you only really play once)

I also ended up cutting double resources as I felt he didn't need them at all.

Jul 15, 2022 VillainTheory · 24392

Great question! Helicarrier is good for the allies and Swinging Web Pig, as well as helping set everything up the first time through. With SP//dr, you are playing her every turn so Team-Building Exercise and Helicarrier cover her completely. It should never go unused.

I also tagged this deck for solo AND multiplayer and I think Helicarrier helps a lot with other players too if you want to help them out.

Jul 15, 2022 Moby · 4636

Love finding uses for rarely-used cards like Last Stand. Gonna try this as my first Ham deck!

Jul 16, 2022 Fry · 235

Recurring Captain Americat for more Cartoon Physics seems pretty good. Nice deck!

Jul 16, 2022 VillainTheory · 24392

Thank you both! I have updated the write-up a little and added Across the Spider-Verse in the notes as an option.

Jul 19, 2022 Durand · 48

Just checking that you know Clarity of Purpose is Max 1 per character. So, you can put a couple on allies, but only one on Ham.

Jul 19, 2022 VillainTheory · 24392

Yes, thank you! Three copies are included for the purpose of finding one as soon as possible. The other two go unused, unless you're in multiplayer in which case you play them on other identities =)

Jul 19, 2022 Designhacker · 563

Villain, the formatting of this summary is chef's kiss!

Jul 21, 2022 fascistlizard · 1

Since you'll basically have Sp//Dr in your hand at all times anyways. I wonder if it might be worth it to squeeze in a second Team-Building Exercise since it can be used with an overwhelming majority of the cards.

Jul 27, 2022 Alisttair · 19

I just played this against Kang solo and absolutely destroyed him. It was such a fun experience.

Aug 07, 2022 pheips · 51

Great job! Maybe the best deck I've played yet. Never before did I feel in so much control against Ronan. Not even with Strange. Only thing: it might also be, because of Spider Ham being the new Best Hero in general.

Anyway: Congrats!!!

Aug 07, 2022 pheips · 51

I just beat Loki all 5 Stages + Expert Encounter cards with this deck. I just kept going... :)

Aug 08, 2022 OTamarindo · 1

Well thank you for this deck !!! I FINALLY bet Ronan on Expert for the first time !!!

Aug 10, 2022 spidermatt17 · 1

I've been playing this game since Day 1, and this deck might just be the most fun I've had playing this game. It's incredibly strong, but it's also crazy fun! Excellent work Villain!

Aug 15, 2022 VillainTheory · 24392

Thank you all! So glad you guys had fun with this :D

Sep 03, 2022 Eltralu · 15

Awesome deck ! Just literraly crushed Ébony maw expert + iron spider sinister six + the inheritors

Have to try it now with harder ennemies but it is so fun and full of possibilities !

Sep 12, 2022 Jhoan · 1

Me encantó el deck, lo probé con Nébula y luego de 2 derrotas le pude ganar, luego jugué contra Ronan y le gané a la primera! fue un duelo en modo Normal, pero lo probaré en Experto a ver que tal me va.

Sep 14, 2022 Sluggie · 4

Have you considered a 2nd "Team Building" (not unique) since Porker has a dozen (cost >0) or more targets for them (Web-Warrior &/or Cartoon)?

I'd put in Otto (maybe instead of Nick- I know Nick is good! Or Maria in solo) for this as he is upfront cheap and can also straighten your CoP or Webs to Straighten Porker and then use his stats again to. And you get a refund card when he leaves.

Or a "Deft Focus"?

Some way to make it so Parker NEVER leaves play but is usable EVERY turn, like "First Aid"x3. At "completely naked" it'll be 2CM for 8 stats, and easily more. He is likely busted efficiency for WW mains. This is more efficient than even Last Stand.

Sep 14, 2022 VillainTheory · 24392

@Sluggie Thanks for the ideas!

Personally, I don't think Deft Focus is worth it for 2 cards per deck cycle.

Otto is a good shout. I don't know if he is better exactly, Nick's card draw is extremely useful here, but definitely viable.

Team-Building Exercise is okay but this deck really doesn't have a resource problem. If anything, it needs more to spend stuff on! I would have turns where I didn't have enough cards to spend all my resources on as it is!

If I were to make one change now that I 100% believe in, I would add in Across the Spider-Verse. While I didn't feel like it was necessary, it's too good not to have. It just means you need to burn through allies even more aggressively.

Sep 21, 2022 Vortilion · 193

Stupid question: am I allowed to use both Spider-Hams ability and Clarity of Purpose together to pay for a 2-cost card?

Sep 21, 2022 VillainTheory · 24392

It's a great question as it was pretty ambiguous! We have had a response from FFG regarding that interaction, @Vortilion, and the answer is no. You can only use Spider-Ham's Response after you finish paying for the card you used Clarity of Purpose on. - it's the second part of #90.

Sep 21, 2022 Vortilion · 193

Thanks, but I mean if there was already a toon counter on Spider-Ham. I didn't mean getting the token and immediately using the same one.

Sep 27, 2022 Pololol · 7

@Vortilion My answer to you in that case would be « Why not? ». When the toon counter was made before, you can use it when you need it (as long as you’re in hero form!)

Nov 20, 2022 nathan_boardgame · 23

This deck is insanely fun. We were able to do 76 damages with SP/DR, Warrior of the Grate Web, and Web of Life and Destiny. Can you still thwart when there are no threat counts? I think you can still do since this combination changes the state of the game by drawing a card and +1 ATK. What do you think?

Jan 04, 2023 VillainTheory · 24392

@nathan_boardgame It's a bit complicated but, if I remember correctly, your identity or an ally can use their basic THW to thwart when there is 0 threat on the main scheme - but you could not thwart with an action from a card. This is because basic powers have their own rules that even let you use your basic THW when you have 0 THW (or attack with 0 ATK).

Mar 05, 2023 vmoss · 1

Nathan, 76 dmg, one turn or throughout the game?

Nice deck, VT.


Aug 25, 2023 energythief · 14

This deck I absolutely insane. I just beat Escape the Museum in TWO TURNS in a campaign playthrough. Id purchased “In Harm’s Way” from the market and drew it in my opening hand along with Team-Building Exercise and the Spider-Man ally. Ridiculous! On to Nebula…

Aug 27, 2023 energythief · 14

Ok one more comment. I want to thank you very much @VillainTheory - playing this deck is the first time I’ve ever beat Ronan and completed the GMW campaign.