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neothechosen · 9970

I just built this deck and wanted to share since, you know, winning true solo games as the Hulk can be so damn hard!

Altough I playtested only core box scenarios so far, it has been quite enjoyable and won every scenario rather easily. Beating Expert Klaw with Hulk surprised me quite a bit I must say!

Here's the what's what.

Basic idea

Hulk is a tough character to solo, and needs help for thwarting and resource generators in order to play more than one card a turn.

I turned to The Power in All of Us deck archetype for this, because basic has incredible allies and resource generators that really help. Those are going to make it work.


The MVP here is Snowguard. Put her in play ASAP and keep her in play all game long using Med Teams. Of course you want her "aerial and THW 3" option. She'll destroy side schemes and keep the pressure off of you by keeping the main scheme empty all game long.

Your second best choice is Agent 13. With 4 hp and a THW 2, she can replace Snowguard. Furthermore, she really does help with playing huge assets by readying Helicarrier every time she thwarts!

War Machine is 3rd in line, a decent replacement for thwarting while you keep looking for better options.

Nick Fury for draw 3, thw 2, block. Mockingbird, stun, thw, block. Lockjaw is your insurance and can keep coming back to thw 2 and block.

Last, Black Widow and Moon Girl. WHAAAAAAT? in a Hulk deck? YES! Because Snowguard got your back, revert to AE with an empty main scheme to be able to play Ingenuity and Moon Girl (thanks to the genius trait). With Ingenuity and Banner's Laboratory it becomes easy to get your 3 cards from Moon Girl (Quincarrier or Assess the Situation helps too!). Black Widow will save your *** from an untimely Advance with her ability, which Quincarrier, Ingenuity or Banner's Laboratory will trigger.


Supports and Upgrades

With allies controlling the threath situation, you revert to AE whenever it is safe, benefit from Banner's 5 handsize and "experimental research". It can also be a good idea to revert to AE to keep a card at the end of your turn, because Hulk will just discard it.

Put as many supports and upgrades in play as possible: Ingenuity, Helicarrier, Quincarrier, Government Liaison, Avengers Mansion and Deft Focus will all make your life so much easier. Deft Focus pays for Hulk Smash, Sub-Orbital Leap or Thunderclap in part.

Government Liaison? Real useful to put SHIELD allies back into play, Helicarrier or even Med Teams!

The Night Nurse is really useful against stuns, but I feel like "unshakable" may take this spot when it is released.

Playing the deck

Well, there isn't much more to say, but of course at the beginning you mulligan for allies to help with the thwarting. They will always be your priority because you depend on it to stay in the game.

You may want to have Hulk defend incoming attacks unless you really need to be ready to attack (getting rid of minions comes to mind). With 3 DEF, you can absorb lots of hits so you don't have to revert to AE on the villain's terms.

As the game goes on, resource generators make it easier to play more and more cards. Using "experimental research", Avengers Mansion, Moon Girl and Nick Fury to dig, your chances to get Hulk Smash are very decent and playing it with just isn't hard despite this deck not focusing only on that resource. Plus, you've got Helicarrier, Deft Focus and Quincarrier to help with that.

This deck isn't meant to but fast, more like a control deck where allies keep the threaths in check long enough for you to put lots of supports in play and then Hulk Smash your way to victory.

That's it!

Have fun and good luck!


Jun 13, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6880

You've made a deck that legitimately uses Banner's Lab in an effective and purposeful way...

* tips hat *

Jun 13, 2022 journeyman2 · 20575

This looks ver my good! I was toying with the idea of an AE Hulk to trigger all of the mental triggers in P, like Warlock/Protector etc. I like this more though!

Jun 13, 2022 neothechosen · 9970

@teamcanadahockey2002 LOL! Your comment just made my day, thanks!



I thought about Warlock and Starhawk too but, as it is, I already keep Snowguard and Black Widow in play and have only one spot left to play new allies and cycle them... it would probably make a fun deck though!

Jun 13, 2022 journeyman2 · 20575

@neothechosen You definitely made the right call with Snowguard!

I shelved it, because I realized Peter Parker does the same thing, and I really wanted to find something unique to Bruce Banner. Hulk probably has the better end game with Hulk Smash! I’m excited for Prof X. though, he’ll breathe new life into a lot of heroes.

Jun 13, 2022 neothechosen · 9970


Damn right about Prof. X! Confuse, THW 3 and block all-in-one is going to be nuts! I'm surprised he's not X-men exclusive. I can imagine how leadership will abuse with Regroup, Make the Call... Can't wait for Mutant Genesis!

Jun 14, 2022 SpiderPK · 71

At the beginning Hulk was gray not green. Balade + Ironheath + Spiderman (miles morales) + another Assess the situation. And Hulk is all Basic.

Jun 14, 2022 SpiderPK · 71

Blade (french correction) ;op Second Helicarrier for having 40 cards

Jun 14, 2022 neothechosen · 9970


You named some of my favorite allies, but the concept wasn't to make it all basic. Healing Snowguard with Med Teams and having Black Widow help against nasty encounters was more my intention. That being said, an all-grey deck could probably work too.

Jun 15, 2022 Danimal0808 · 422

YES! Ok this really seems to be the Hulk deck that builds and works for me. I have tried some of the other "hall of fame" decks and I still struggled. I just took out Expert Klaw 1st try. Leadership SIN builds have worked and a full aggro smash to victory. Expert Klaw has always been tough. Thanks

Jun 15, 2022 neothechosen · 9970

@Danimal0808 Thanks so much! I actually feel the same, and I'm glad to find out it's working out for other people too! Thanks again!