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Black Panther - Justice for Wakanda! 53 40 10 1.0
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namor · 25

Until we get some Wakandan allies I don't think I will be able to thematically enjoy a BP deck that features allies. This deck beat all the villains on standard (didn't test against Nebula, Ronan, Thanos and Loki yet) and is very fun to play. You have great draw turns in both hero and alter ego side to set up all your upgrades and then abuse Wakanda Forever.

Three things to keep in mind:

One Way or Another - T'Challa figures out the villain's scheme. In hero form this is your main draw engine and your turns are ridiculous. One Way or Another into Sense of Justice into Clear the Area into Skilled Investigator into Turn the Tide.

Sonic Rifle - T'Challa sabotages the villain's scheme and prepares the next attack. Sonic Rifle allows you to go into alter ego side and use The Golden City, Ancestral Knowledge and the improved hand size for another crazy turn. I tested this deck mostly without the rifle until stilonxy (deck cited) spelled out this key mechanic.

Healing - T'Challa's missions are state secret so you only have Shuri along for them. No chump blocking means you need to heal often. Between Vibranium Suit, Endurance, First Aid, Making an Entrance, Crew Quarters and 4 recover enabled by Ready to Rumble and Justice Served; the need for health is synchronized with all of your other main mechanics (Wakanda Forever, thwarting, changing sides, upgrades to thin out the deck, basic powers).