The Immortal Thor

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acharlie1377 · 406

This deck is all about the mantra "Threat prevented is threat removed." Keep Thor in hero form with Energy Barrier, Preemptive Strike, and Second Wind, use Black Widow to prevent any really nasty encounter cards (like Advance, Shadow of the Past or side schemes), and rely on your other allies to remove threat. You should be keeping allies like Heimdall or Lady Sif in play indefinitely with Med Team and First Aid to ensure efficient threat removal. Protection also provides a lot of energy resources for Lightning Strike.

You should never be flipping to alter-ego form unless it's absolutely necessary or you can guarantee yourself a safe villain phase. It requires a very unique play style, but I've defeated every scenario on Expert with this deck, including Ultron with Legions of Hydra and Mutagen Formula with A Mess of Things.


Apr 14, 2020 EtiCaraSoft · 719

Interesting Deck, It remminds mine Spiderman Protection. Wouldn't you change Lockjaw for an Avengers Mansion? It provides a mental resource for second wind and also provides with extra cards every turn.

Apr 14, 2020 acharlie1377 · 406

I originally had a similar deck with Avengers Mansion, but it almost never got played because of how expensive it is. You can't even play the card as Thor without something to help you, and once you have Asgard in play (which is cheaper) you don't even really need it. You make a good point about the mental resource, though, and I do frequently consider adding it back, so I may test that out.

If I add it back in, I'd probably replace a copy of Preemptive Strike, not Lockjaw. Thor is desperately low on thwart, and having an ally you can play at any time from the discard to wipe 4 threat, or 2 threat plus a block, is huge. It's the same reason I include Heimdall, who is incredibly expensive but can be kept alive for 2 thwart every turn once you do get him out.

Apr 16, 2020 EtiCaraSoft · 719

I found Heimdall to be a massive threat removal also with med team once in the table I try to let him die. The 3 attack always provides and extra help to kill some random guard minion in case we need it.

Apr 20, 2020 wehehe · 7

Some interesting choices. Any particular reason for not having Nova in the deck? I think this is exactly the right deck for it, as it can effectively cancel an enemy attack if it kills him with his reaction, and God of Thunder are great for paying it.

Also I'd think that Indomitable and even Counter-Punch would fit in the deck. I am very interested in knowing if you tested them and just they didn't made the cut, and why, I really like this deck, Thor is my favourite hero, and I'm struggling in trying to build an effective solo deck with him.

Apr 20, 2020 acharlie1377 · 406

Nova was also my first thought when I started building, but in practice he just never got played. In the early game you're better off paying for engine-building cards, in the late game you're better off paying for damage dealing cards, and in the mid game using his ability can drain your resources and ruin your next turn.

Indomitable was also something I tried, but I ended up replacing it with Preemptive Strike. Thinking about what the cards do for the same cost, Indomitable is "Block 2 damage", whereas Preemptive Strike is usually "Block 2+ damage and deal 2+ damage". Preemptive Strike can also combine with your defense to potentially take no damage from an attack. It's still a solid card with Thor, but it just didn't make the 40-card cut. The same applies to Counter-Punch; it's great, but this deck needs more damage prevention than damage dealing, so I ended up cutting it.

Based on another comment, I might even recommend replacing Preemptive Strike with one copy of Avengers Mansion and two copies of Enhanced Reflexes, just to boost Thor's resource game. I've played both ways and am not sure which works better, but both options perform well in different ways.

Apr 21, 2020 John Cumberland · 287

This is along the lines I have been building Thor. Your thinking is in line with mine. Cards like Mansion and Nova don't see play in solo. Ive kept a Counter Punch or two though as it can come in handy with Preemptive Strike sometimes. Indomitable was useless too. I was actually thinking about switching Endurance for Down Time because in some cases I was able to flip and heal twice thanks to Lady Sif, but Second Wind is a nice option too.

Apr 23, 2020 gustave154 · 8

Excellent deck. Once i get Lady Sif or Heimdall out victory is inevitable. Thor just laughs at the hordes of minions in front of him.

Jul 24, 2020 dwo125 · 1

Have you made any updates to this deck since the release of Dr. Strange?