Spider-Woman Girls' Night Out

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M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 337

So a user over at the Marvel Champions Facebook group proposed a deck idea of using Call for Aid to burn through the deck trying to find Captain Marvel and then setup a Reinforced Suit and Med Team to keep her alive and fuel Spider-Woman. I loved the idea! The deck concept featured Goliath as well and the discussion quickly went down the road of replacing him with Iron Man, loading IM up with ally attachments and running it that way. For me, the original idea really sparked an interest in playing Leadership for the first time. Using Carol has a support card that fuels Spider-Woman as the hero, as opposed to using Spider-Woman as the platform for yet another ally rush/ally centric deck.

The idea in the early game remains the same, get Captain Marvel out as quick as possible using Call for Aid. This can usually result in your burning through almost your entire deck in the first turn or two of the game, but the penalty for that is 1 encounter card. I think any hero would gladly pay 1 encounter card to pull a key card for their deck and put it into hand. Once she's setup, you'll flip over, shuffle up and be playing it on a fairly normal speed. In my build, the only other ally I use is Nick Fury, this is to avoid him triggering Call for Aid, and because he's just a really good ally, that has a load of versatility. Once you've got Captain Marvel out, you want to get her a Reinforced Suit and a Med Team to keep her fresh. After that, it's attacking and thwarting with Carol so she feeds Jessica cards, allowing Spider-Woman do Spider-Woman things!

What's nice about playing her with Protection is that she's got a load of tools to stand up, which makes defending with her a joy. Using her game text to power up her THW and ATK stats is great, but being able to utilize all 3 stats is fantastic! When you add in Desperate Defense and Armored Vest, she's comfortably blocking all damage, drawing cards for Unflappable and still able to swing for big damage the next phase! Also, after powering her up and getting a swing off, you can swing a second time with that beefy ATK stat with Counter-Punch.

On the Leadership side, the aspect is already heavily dependent on allies, and much of the aspect here is devoted to getting the battlefield setup and then keeping Captain Marvel in the fight. The obvious non-ally MVP is Morale Boost which is basically a +2/+2/+2 for 1 cost.

After that you are relying on your signature cards, and Spider-Woman's cards are pretty stellar. Pheromones is great and buys you turns on both sides of the coin, Venom Blastis a great minion clear card, that also powers her up, or just heaps some damage on the villain. Inconspicuous is a standard thwart card, but coupled with her beefy THW stat and Captain Marvel, you have a pretty solid thwarting package for a non-Justice deck. Contaminant Immunity is just like a stand up card in that you can take a full hit and unless they're hitting you with something sharp and pointy, you take no damage. Lastly we have the star of the show, Self-Propelled Glide, which lets Jessica ready. This affords you lots of turns defending and readying, or being able to attack or thwart twice.

Overall, this deck has been a lot of fun for me because it's not your standard ally build that all Leadership decks seem to devolve into. It relies on the hero's strengths and signature cards and makes for a very interesting and fun play experience. So far I only ran it against Expert Rhino, and was able to take him down pretty easily. I will post updates as I play more games with it!


Nov 19, 2020 neothechosen · 140

Love this idea! I built something similar using Black Panther and Iron Man as the sole Avenger ally and tons of upgrades last week or so (https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/5128/black-panther-iron-man-and-the-graveyard-crew-1.0), but mine was intent on abusing Iron Man's discount on upgrades and combining with the "Rapid- Shuri" combo.

It's an easy way to get your MVP out early. I like how your deck combines this with protection, with 3 Med Teams, i bet you can abuse the draw power from Captain Marvel like crazy.

One question though: did you consider using non-avenger allies and Strength In Numbers or is it not relevant because it's already doing so well?

Thx for the share!

Nov 19, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 337

I actually hadn't thought of putting in a few extra non-Avenger allies, but it's not a bad idea. I'll have to give it a couple play throughs and see. Thanks for the feedback!

Nov 19, 2020 M3t4lB0x (TLM) · 337

If I would add any allies, I would tentatively add Maria Hill Leadership and Black Widow Protection. Finesse should power Widow's cancel ability, and Hill is a great draw/thwart/block card that speaks for itself. Plus it keeps with the Girls' Night Out Theme. :P

Nov 19, 2020 neothechosen · 140

Lol! yeah, don' mess up your theme!

Nov 21, 2020 Maligx · 9

If you have a leadership/protection deck centered around giving her every upgrade possible and healing her with Med Team then she is basically a hero on her own. While not necessary, her max hp can be 9 but I think 6 to 7 is enough. I've had turns where I've activated her 5 to 6 times, with Power Gloves and Inspired thats 20 to 24 damage right there if you're lucky and have/draw 3 to 4 Inspiring Presence and/or Get Ready. If you're unlucky with Sky Cycle you still have 2 activations and 2 card draws from her ability so that's still having a 7 card draw every turn plus 6 thwart and 2 damage or 8 damage. It's definitely my favorite playstyle.

I would auto-include Black Widow, if you build a deck with a lot of mental resources you can usually surge any encounter card you want. Widow has literally saved the game a few times for me. This is another reason why i love spider-woman. No one else can run leadership and protection.

Nov 21, 2020 Pickles · 13

I think you have misread Reinforced Suit because it's one per ally. 5 health should be enough with the healing but adding Honorary Avenger is effectively a one point heal that stacks so she could be 8 with all 3 Not great here though as it's basic.

As to the very cool original deck not having Sky Cycle or especially Inspired seems odd. You are tight for slots though I guess. I'd probably go all in and drop the Morale Boosts

Nov 21, 2020 Maligx · 9

If you're referring to me, when I said her max was 9 hp I forgot to mention that is with 3x Honorary Avenger, Team Training and 1x Reinforced Suit. I sometimes leave out Honorary Avenger due to Team Training which leaves her with 6 hp. It depends on the villain and modular encounters. If there is a lot of retaliation or allies constantly taking damage I try to reinforce her hp but I do normally run with 7 or 8 just to be safe.

Nov 22, 2020 neothechosen · 140

At this point instead of Honorary Avenger, you could pack in 3x First Aid, which you're bound to draw since you draw so much. Yes it costs more but would give you 2 more activations.

Nov 22, 2020 Maligx · 9

I've done that too. I've tried 50 card decks just for fun which included 3x First Aid and all sorts of other cards. It's still probably best to try to minimize the size of the deck though. I found 45 cards to be a good spot which still allowed me to add a Make the Call and Call for Aid to try and mitigate the times when she was either near the bottom of the deck or was forced to be discarded.

What's great about Call for Aid is if her upgrades are in the discard and you finally get her you can use it to basically reshuffle your deck if you didn't include any other avengers.