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AlwaysAngryJay · 24

Hawkeye really blew me away and I wanted to share the deck I landed on as well as tips and tricks to keep your quiver full and your arrows on point. (This deck is meant for team play as it has extremely low Thwart potential)

Tricks of the Trade

Hawkeye not only wields a plethora of fancy arrows but also an arsenal of ways making things smoother as the game goes on. Having both Expert Marksman allows you to shoot a free arrow each turn. Helicarrier and Quincarrier can be used to make Drop Kick more reliable. Quincarrier can also be an easy way to trigger Jarnbjorn.

Last but certainly not least, arguably one of the most exciting cards to be released in Marvel Champions - Hawkeye's Quiver

Quiver is incredible and far more useful than just grabbing arrows. Because it doesn't require you to reshuffle (unless you only see 5 or less cards at the end of your deck) you get to see your next hand. This lets you see what options are coming, how many arrows you can fire or choose to hang onto, and one of the most exciting discoveries - you can make Hulk reliable! Because this list leans so heavy on you can throw out some major damage. At first it felt terrible to "whiff" and not find an arrow but the information alone is so valuable, then learning the Hulk trick has made this a favorite on top of its already amazing filtering/storing capability.

Let's get Physical

This deck heavily leans on Physical resources to fuel Drop Kick and Jarnbjorn for reliable stuns, cycling, and versatile damage. While you bring 10 awesome arrows to the table, your basic attack potential should not be ignored. Combat Training + Hawkeye's Bow + Mean Swing unleashes a meaty 7 damage which is stronger than even the incredible Vibranium Arrow. With plenty of to throw around you have a variety of ways to focus or spread damage. Don't be intimidated by Drop Kicks 3 cost since it shouldn't be difficult at all using Martial Prowess, Helicarrier, Quincarrier, The Power of Aggression and your fistful of physical events to make it reliable. Don't hesitate to Drop Kick minions even if they don't survive to make use of the Stun as the card draw more than makes up for it.

Crowd Control

This deck offers 2 Confuse, 5 Piercing, and 5 Stun options on top of the bombastic Explosive Arrow to tackle any and all threats that oppose you. Arrows are made to deal with Retaliate, you have direct and indirect answers to popping off Tough, and you tend to have an easy time picking off multiple enemies or piling onto a larger target quickly. While it is nice that both Electric Arrow and Sonic Arrow both deal extra damage to a target that is already stunned/confused I still think it is better to try and save those arrows if you can to get the status to trigger, you have plenty of damage that you shouldn't feel obligated to use these unless you are finishing off the Villain.

The one important thing to remember is Explosive Arrow is NOT an Attack. You can't use Martial Prowess to pay for it and it doesn't trigger Jarnbjorn.

Not here to make Friends

Our ally count is a measly 3 which might surprise you. My first iteration of this list had Nick Fury and Sentry but I quickly found myself not needing them for my particular playstyle. The great thing about Hulk and Spider-Girl namely is largely they only cost 2, making them cheap and reliable defenders. While I am still overjoyed at Hulk + Quiver his original intention was to just soak up hits. Spider-Girl brings unique utility by disabling a minion but don't be afraid to drop her, smack for 2 and take the fall if you don't have a safer option and there isn't a minion in play. Mockingbird is phenomenal and is perfect at keeping you safe and in the game. I highly recommend not leaving her at 1 health just in case some random effect happens to ping her as the only way to trigger her response is solely from the Villain attacking you. It can be easy to push your allies to the limit but she is so strong I would try and break that habit unless you are certain nothing the match can throw at you can hit her, including your Hulk if you aren't careful and discard /.

Running out of Arrows

While you can fire two arrows a turn, it might make more sense to shoot one spending your Expert Marksmen resources and then play non-arrow events and use your basic attack. You want to fire an arrow every turn if possible to use those Marksmen so if you draw an arrow and have one in your quiver, I tend to use the one from hand and save the quiver for turns I don't draw one unless I have a few already stacked on the quiver. It takes some getting used to to find the right rhythm but do your best to not be that guy and run out arrows.

Hide in your Car

A question I see often regarding Clint is how to stay safe with such a low health total and I honestly found myself flipping more than I originally expected. Hawkeye lacks any card that can only be used in Alter-Ego form so there isn't any reward per se outside of being able to recover and draw an extra card. At least you can recover on your next turn, flip back to Hero and still fire an arrow. Try and save Explosive Arrows in your quiver if you can for when you know the Villain is going to swing at you first in rotation to minimize damage, alternatively if you confuse them then flipping shouldn't drive up the main scheme as much than you already are by not carrying the thwart load.

How to be the Best

1) Mulligan hard for Heli, Quin, Quiver, Martial, Expert, and Jarn. Nothing else is sacred, don't worry about hanging onto arrows or kicks. If you don't draw your bow in your opening hand I often search it and spend it as a resource and equip it next turn if I can still use the resource. Otherwise slap it on, the important thing is to get your supports and upgrades rolling as things get much smoother from there.

2) Hulk and Spider-Girl should be easy to put into play, Mockingbird shouldn't be a higher priority first time through your deck. Keep in mind she does get taken away if you hit Shadows of the Past so investing in her could be costly, if you see that card played or discarded on someone else, then let her fly but when the Villain deck reshuffles be weary.

3) You bring more than enough damage to the table so don't feel bad if you find yourself hitting smaller minions with big attacks, your utility is being able to take threats out quickly and painlessly using ranged and Jarnbjorn to avoid retaliate. Really the only cards I ever hang onto between turns later in the game are Vibranium, Electric, Explosive depending on the Villain.

Weird Flex but OK

Finally these are my suggestions for flex slots that you can change to customize this list more to your tastes.

Quincarrier - This card is unique, so I wouldn't run this if someone else in your group also plans on bringing it. I argue this deck utilizes it in multiple ways so it gets more mileage than the average list but it also runs just fine without it.

Counterattack - I just like this card a ton and I like cards that cost 1 and thin your deck. Again while you deal more than enough damage, you can sometimes use this to reflect a meaty hit on the villain, or defend for an ally to take out a minion. It's not necessary but it is a too.

Genius - This list becomes very efficient towards the midgame and I often didn't feel like I needed all these dual resources, and if you cut Genius you make Hulk that much more reliable. It's a very hard cut to make for me so I haven't done it yet, but it is next once we see more Aggression cards to place in this.

Suggested Replacements include - Hall of Heroes, Endurance, and Battle Fury

I hope this deck helps you enjoy Hawkeye as much as I do. Feel free to ask any questions.


Sep 09, 2020 Lerysh · 8

Watching this deck play, it's average damage output is like 14. Not maximum effort, just any given hand. Arrow for 3-6, dropkick for 4 and a stun, Facepunch for 3, and 4 extra off of Jarn. Can easily add to that with Mean Skilled Strike Swings. 3 turns in lets do the bosses health per player in damage a turn from now on, cool? Cool.

Sep 09, 2020 celric · 53

I would much rather have more allies than Skilled Strike, but I appreciate the description. The 4-5 damage of Valkyrie is especially hard to pass up. Thanks for sharing.