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VillainTheory · 2844

"I am HIM... not born of man and woman! I was created to be invincible! And those who made me... made me well!" - Adam Warlock

Adam frickin' Warlock

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The Seeker

This deck is combines the concept of finding the perfect solution at the perfect time with the inclusion of most of the best, highest value cards from all four aspects. I have used it to steamroll expert Mad Titan's Shadow, and now updated it with the latest cards.

In card games, there is a phrase called "tutoring" - if you don't know it, it comes from Magic the Gathering and effectively means to search for a card. This deck largely revolves around that concept.

Every tutoring card has multiple great targets or an exceptional one (Jocasta and Shield Spell, Agent Coulson and Rapid Response).

The deck is otherwise rounded out with a variety of high-value cards. The deck favors events to attack and thwarting through allies, and has a few status cards sprinkled in for good measure.

Symbiote Suit is included for how it combos with Soul World for insane healing and also gets great value from its card draw and Warlock's Cape. With The Sorcerer Supreme, you have a hero handsize of 7! If you factor in Mystic Senses, things get crazy. (Against some villains, such as Ronan or Venom Goblin, I would recommend removing it due to the severity of their encounter cards.)

This deck goes above the sacred threshold of 40 cards in a deck. This has the benefit of making our Cosmic Awareness and Karmic Blast cards more powerful and offers more options to tutor cards. However, I have added a list of cards at the end that I consider the most expendable if you wish to reduce its size - the main benefit of which is to find Mystic Senses sooner.

This deck has been tested both solo and in 2-player, but due to its nature as an all-rounder, is also suitable for 3 and 4 player. It effectively fulfills the role of Leadership.

  • Agent Coulson is here to find Rapid Response to enable the combo made famous by Spider-Woman - once you play Coulson then find and play Rapid Response, it starts an infinite combo where Rapid Response brings Coulson back when he's defeated, then Coulson will bring Rapid Response back. And then you just repeat it. After setting this up, this combo allows you to do 2 thwarting and block an attack every turn for 2ER - which is both extremely efficient AND extremely consistent!

  • Black Panther can grab Make the Call and Summoning Spell while retaining great value! He is also the best ally Summoning Spell can find and can grab it back. He also loves to get Battle Mage healing to deal an extra 2 THW if you don't have a Justice card for your ability. (And Rapid Response is also excellent to use on him if Agent Coulson has gone AWOL.)

  • Brother Voodoo and Kaluu are effectively identical. Given the amount of events in your deck, and the natural deck-thinning that happens by playing your upgrades, they basically never miss. Grab the best event you find for the situation - even if you're just finding a certain coloured card to feed to your Battle Mage ability!

  • Gamora is the gift that keeps on giving. While traditional wisdom dictates that Battle Mage gets most value out of a Justice card for the thwarting, burning a Protection card for the healing is worth a lot more when Gamora is around. Keeping her healed, she provides a constantly flow of events alongside 2 damage.

  • The Locust can be put into play through Make the Call and Summoning Spell, and can be used to find Magic Attack, one of the most efficient attack cards in the game, or even Into the Fray if you need to remove threat!

  • Jocasta is really only worth playing if Shield Spell is in the discard pile - but if it is, she is incredible. Shield Spell is basically a Tough status card that is immune to piercing and pushes you toward a Soul World counter. With Make the Call and Quantum Magic, you can turn an early draw of Shield Spell into many turns of cost-effective immunity through replaying Jocasta. Combining this with Agent Coulson+Rapid Response lets you defend for two people almost indefinitely in multiplayer! For solo, factoring in Soul World, you are basically invincible.

  • Make the Call is the bread and butter of this deck. We can search for allies that can thwart, allies that can attack, allies that can block, and allies that can search again! This card is the key to every lock.

  • Quantum Magic is a tricky card. It can find you absolutely any card in your discard pile, but it comes with a cost- A cost of 1 additional resource. This can be worth it if you accidentally discard Mystic Senses or Soul World through one of your events/Gamora, to find Throg when a minion is engaged with you, or "Think Fast!" for when you need to go alter-ego.

  • Spiritual Meditation lets you see two more cards per turn. It's that simple. With so many excellent, high-value cards it's almost certain to find something amazing.

  • Summoning Spell is effectively a chance to get a 3 or even 4-cost ally for cheap. Use this if you lack allies, or know a few of your 3-cost allies or Black Panther are still in your deck. You can also use this to jump closer to a counter for Soul World.

Cards You Can Swap Out

If you want to get closer to the holy grail that is a 40-card deck, you can swap out the following five cards. Personally, I think they earn their spot by each being a valuable addition - but they do make it slower to find Mystic Senses.

  • Under Surveillance is amazing solo - but is expendable in multiplayer. It is still valuable, though - think twice before swapping it out!

  • Relentless Assault is a neat little tool to remove minions, but is definitely not the best card in Aggression. I like it for its convenience but there are other great options too.

  • Kaluu is an amazing ally but Leadership cards are so insanely strong that, if I did have to cut one, it would sadly have to be him.

  • Hard Knocks is a great card here but, given Adam's nigh-invincibility, it's likely just fodder for your Battle Mage to heal Gamora. He's tough enough without this tough-giving attack.

  • Spiritual Meditation is an optional inclusion. The ability to see two more cards per turn is strong, but the downside is that it can make your Karmic Blasts and Cosmic Awarenesses a little weaker if they find it.

  • Symbiote Suit is dangerous against the toughest villains as alluded to in the intro. If you're having trouble with the encounter cards, cut it and don't look back.

Cards You Can Swap In

Whether replacing a card or pushing toward the limit of 50 cards, the following are great options worth considering:

  • Wiccan is just an exceptionally valuable ally that gains a lot of value with Battle Mage healing.

  • Heroic Intuition allows Adam to thwart for 2, which, if you play Warlock's Cape, goes up to 4 per turn. It's usually overkill for solo but definitely has potential in multiplayer.

  • Thor is a powerful ally who can block, attack, or even attack multiple enemies giving him many useful situations - this versatility/value makes him a great target to tutor.

  • Combat Training is much the same as Heroic Intuition. It doubles your ATK, and with Warlock's Cape, effectively gives you two damage per turn. It's not essential but can help if you're struggling to find damage somewhere.

  • Leadership has a variety of good allies you could include, but Inspired for Gamora or even Innovation to heal her or Black Panther are great options.

  • "Welcome Aboard" is a great option to help play your allies.

  • Iron Fist is a strong choice for another Protection card. Two stuns, a block, and great damage too.

  • The Night Nurse is amazing against any stun or confuse-heavy villains.

  • Rocket Raccoon is a one-card solution for almost every problem. He can deal 4 damage to a minion per attack, and with Battle Mage Healing he can do it a lot. Add onto that a strong 2 THW and he can even help take down threat. He is a great choice to tutor through Make the Call when you need something dealt with.

Good luck! If you play this deck, feel free to let me know how it went in the comments! All feedback is welcome.

(And credit to journeyman2 and Kasper for their contributions via Discord!)


Sep 09, 2022 relch1 · 1

What an awesome deck, almost unkillable. love it

Sep 10, 2022 takabrash · 1

Excited to try this one. I was just hoping to see how he handles all the great new cards!

Sep 10, 2022 VillainTheory · 2844

Thanks! And have fun! The new cards work really well in my experience.

Sep 10, 2022 carlo · 1

Cant join the locust for the champion trait

Sep 10, 2022 VillainTheory · 2844

It's covered in the write -up, you can Make the Call and Summoning Spell for Locust. Being "put into play" bypasses the act of playing them!