Asgard. Avenger.

Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 3. Thwart: 1.


Interrupt: When Thor attacks a minion engaged with a player, spend a resource → resolve this attack against each minion engaged with that player (in the order of your choice).

Valkyrie #13.

I really dig this ally. Very thematic, it's basically like a mini version of the lightning strike event from thors kit, AND thor, in a single card. To complete the AOE all in one turn, you'll need Thor, 3 resources (good TBE target w/ the avengers trait), then an additional energy resources for a full cost of 5 cards, which is high, no question. But it can be the big swing that wins you the scenario. And if you're not facing that big slate of minions, he's still a solid ally w/ tough. Great for aggression heroes who are light on multi-target/AOE attacks, like Captain Marvel. If you've got hall of champions in play, you'll likely end up getting enough charges for one or two activations, which can swing the momentum of the game even more in your favor.

Two 3-shot attacks (or two blocks and one 3-shot) is already amazing, so the AOE doesn't have to pull much weight. FYI Allies killing minions does not add counters to Hall of Heroes — Stretch22 · 557
If I choose to pay for his interrupt, does Thor takes consequential damages for each enemy he hits or just one time for the entire attack ? — PorcoRouxo · 1
@PorcoRouxo: Just one time. Even though you're resolving the damage multiple times, Thor's only attacking once. — moddeydhoo · 1

This is one of the best allies in the game. Even without the interrupt power, he can attack 3 times for 3 which is an amazing value (9 damage for 4 cards = 2.25 damage per card). Or you can defend any amount of damage, attack, then defend any amount of damage. The only aggression allies that deal more than this have special conditions (Wasp) or penalties (Sentry, Angela) or both (Hulk). The interrupt ability is just icing on the cake, but is very worthwhile whenever you have a spare energy resource and there is more than 1 minion engaged with a player since you're dealing an extra 3+ damage for only 1 resource. Things get broken when there are lots of minions and the damage becomes absurd. In fact, this is easily powerful enough to be a hero-specific ally, but it is awesome that it is an aspect card because that means it can (and should) go in nearly every aggression deck you make.

Not sure your math works out here. With 2 consequential damage when attacking, he can only use this twice for 6 Dmg, not three times for 9 Dmg. Still good, but didn’t want you to get overly excited. — Melosh007 · 1
OP is right because of toughness — Stretch22 · 557