Cost: 0.

Play only if your identity has the guardian trait. Max 1 per round.

Hero Action: Reduce the resource cost of the next ally played this phase by 2.

"Guardians gather? Group up? Man, I don't know." — Peter Quill
Venom #27.
"Welcome Aboard"

Why hello there, it's a new variant of The Power of Leadership! Like TPoL, this card essentially gets you two resources for the price of one card.


  • only pays for allies, does not pay for Leadership Events, etc. If you draw this in a hand with no allies, you'll probably be sad (but see below)
  • requires a Guardian hero (deckbuilding constraint, and turn sequencing constraint)
  • does not work with Make the Call (per official ruling, TPoL does)
  • bad to draw in multiples due to Max 1 per round
  • doesn't have TPoL's wild resource to help pay for removing villain attachments, etc.


  • pays for non-Leadership allies, such as hero-specific allies, and the often very good Basic guardian allies (e.g. Rocket Raccoon)
  • can be donated to other players if the turn sequencing works out. This is probably the biggest upside: giving someone a discount of 2 on their big ally, or making their cheap ally "free" can make some hands much less clunky
  • sometimes you wish you could have more than two copies of TPoL in your deck. Well, here you go!

Overall: doesn't go in every Leadership deck, but some decks will want it in addition to TPoL, and some decks will want it instead of TPoL.

Fry · 241
Technically it is an action, so, if I'm not wrong, you can play it even during another player's turn to help him paying for an ally. (In that case it is no dependant on the turn sequence). — wehehe · 177
If you start your turn in alter-ego mode, you can't play this for any players whose turns are before you, since it's a Hero Action. — Fry · 241