Attack. Spell.

Cost: 1.

Play only if your identity has the Mystic trait. Max 1 per deck.

Hero Action (attack): Choose an enemy and discard up to 5 cards from the top of your deck → deal 1 damage to that enemy for each card discarded this way.

The Mad Titan's Shadow #43.
Magic Attack

Essentially the same as Zone of Silence but for damage instead of thwarting. Highly efficient with a small drawback of discarding cards from deck that can be turned into an advantage for decks playing Digging Deep and White Fox. It being a spell makes it replayable with Magik's alter ego ability, and discarding from the top is a neat trick when you want to find a better card to play with her hero ability. Overall solid card that I would never cut from a Mystic Aggression deck.

Stretch22 · 489