Spectrum - Tough, Vigilant, and ready

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neothechosen · 4861

This deck is an update on a previous "tough Spectrum" deck and also takes after my latest Thor deck (https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/19093/thor-oh-yeah-ready-1.0). With the amount of crazy good cards we've been offered lately, I wanted to update the list and yeah, it got better.

With 3 ATK in Gamma form, having multiple activations in a turn is real good. And when those "ready" cards also help you deal with threaths (Ever Vigilant) or make up for lost life (What Doesn't Kill Me), that's a pretty sweet deal.

You could also benefit from multiple 3 THW in photon form when needed, although after you've gotten rid of starting side schemes (if any) by starting in photon form, I usually switch to Gamma for as long as I can, and mostly let Ever Vigilant deal with the main scheme.

I usually don't use pulsar form a lot, I rely mostly on Perseverance to get tough, various stuns (Mockingbird, Iron Fist), or ally blocking to keep my hp up. I don't use Starhawk for blocking, though, unless there's an emergency. Once he hits the table, I keep him there to help with threath control (putting Starhawk back when he returns to my hand).

Upgrades and support

The Night Nurse allows you not to waste your precious activations with stun / confused statuses. Quincarrier, Helicarrier and Energy Duplication are among the first things you want in play, along with Deft Focus if possible (helps you pay for Gamma Blast, Photon Speed,Pulsar Shield, Energy Duplication). Anything to help you produce more resources, really, allowing you to play multiple "ready" cards and get 2, 3 activations a turn.

Card consideration: Symbiote Suit

Last, a card worth considering. I did not include it in the list but if the Symbiote Suit is your thing, it sure can fit in here. I've been wary about using Symbiote Suit because of the extra encounter card you get from it, which has the potential to ruin the "control" aspect of this deck which usually keeps things slow for the villain. The symbiote suit, however, can be real good for Spectrum, pushing your attack, thwart, defense up to 4 depending on your form. That extra 10 hp is also very much appreciated, as well as the extra card.

Juts don't put it on right from the start, but I did play it a few times mid to late game and everything worked out great. I suggest you cut Endurance or Avengers Mansion if you want to include the suit (it already gives you that extra hp / card anyway).

Have fun!


Jun 23, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 2295

I have a deck almost the exact same, except I run the Multiple Men instead of Ironheart Mockingbird and Fury. Great deck!!!

Wanted to share a strategy note here... hope thats okay: It feels counter intuitive, but sometimes I end up going from Gamma to Alter-Ego to Gamma on consecutive turns rather than going to Photon or Pulsar. This deck has enough thwarting usually that I dont usually need to flip to Photon because I dont need that extra one threat removed. But I want to flip out of Gamma just so I can later flip back for the extra attack. So I end up going to Alter-Ego more that you'd expect in Spectrum deck for the +1 hand size and the ping damage I can do when I return. If I have Speed of Light I will go from AE to Photon first for the threat removed (since there will be some accumulated) and then go to Gamma with a card that changes my form again. It's seems strange but you often just can't use the form change bonuses in Pulsar and Photon when the deck is working the way it should.

Hope that made sense :)