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dr00 · 18766

flying v

Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!

Blue Nova has a lot of really fun tools to capitalise on all of the great cards of his kit. Lean heavily into the Aerial trait and form up in attack formation. There are plenty of options every round for doing whatever you need to do.


All allies in this deck have either the Aerial trait or Champions trait, and some have both. Adam Warlock will have access to plenty of to get the most value out of his ability. Both Falccons and Vivian have great abilities, the former having a good enter play ability to give you some insight into the next few cards of the encounter deck and remove some threat, and the latter lets you get more readies from your champions characters, and there are some great options. Try readying Cloud 9 to use her ability again and buff everyone's THW by +2 for the rest of the round. Or Snowguard, who can have 3 THW or 3 ATK. Vivian helps blank any troublesome card for the round.


I really love Air Supremacy and have been trying to find the perfect deck for it for a while. And here it is. With Unleash Nova Force, you have the potential to clear a lot of minions and draw a lot of cards at once. If you don't get any clean KOs, you can follow up with Nova himself. Teamwork can help get the right numbers you need. Remember that every time Nova defeats an enemy or side scheme while under the effects of Unleash Nova Force, he readies, and you draw a card. When you activate Nova again, he readies his helmet. There's so much value here. And best of all, you don't have to exhaust your allies for Air Supremacy, so you can use them for Strength In Numbers to get enough more combo pieces.

And finally, "Go for Champions!" can let you have a huge turn where you can chump block for free from many of your allies.


Keep in mind that all are doubled when paying for Lightspeed Flight and Pot Shot, so Connection to the Worldmind, Innovation, The Power of Leadership, and The Power in All of Us can all pay for these events in addition to all of their other effects. They also get the kicker for Sam's Alter-Ego ability and Forcefield Projection.


Champions Mobile Bunker helps you dig through your deck to find the best cards. It can help you get out of a bad hand. The Triskelion allows you to go up to 5 flying characters (or 4 with Ms. Marvel), and Team-Building Exercise helps reduce the cost of so many things, including every ally, Air Supremacy, and Champions Mobile Bunker.

R&D Facility helps Nova get clean defeats during his turns with Unleash Nova Force. Since it increases both his THW and ATK, it can help him defeat minions and clear schemes.

Regroup helps on non-Go For Champions turns to chump block and reset your board, and Rapid Response can get the exactly ally you need directly back into the fight. There are many enter play abilities on your allies, like Falcon (Sam Wilson), resetting Snowguard's stats, or blanking another card with Vivian.

And finally, Supernova Helmet is what helps tie this whole deck together. It provides at least two on most rounds, since it readies after using one of Nova's basic powers. With Unleash Nova Force, you can keep resetting the helmet multiple times.

Optional Package

There are a few other options for this deck, depending on your own playstyle.

  • Band Together can help pay for some of your expensive cards, like your allies and R&D Facility.
  • Cards like Morale Boost or Moxie help get Sam up to the right numbers for Unleash Nova Force triggers. They are cheaper options, but you have to have them in hand at the right time.
  • Make the Call helps with keeping more allies on the board, like Regroup and Rapid Response and can help complement them. All of your allies simply have enter play abilities, but keep in mind that it doesn't work with Team-Building Exercise.
  • And finally, Resourceful is a valuable card here, since you will often have extra resources on your turn from your helmet. This is a decent resource dump, and has a lot of value here, being able to pay for many of Nova's events, grab his helmet immediately, etc.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoy playing this deck! I also hope that you learn the value of teamwork and strong team-building. You've just qualified for the playoffs, now get out there and win this thing!


May 24, 2022 Drewooo · 1

I'm going to have to give this deck a shot. The aggression nova build is appealing but this looks really fun

I wish air supremacy could all go towards 1 enemy at times you need that big big single burst. But the minion control it offers is fantastic

May 24, 2022 dr00 · 18766

yeah, it would be great to have everyone gang up on the same enemy, but thankfully Nova and the others can swoop in at the end and hit for a few extra damage, which is especially important during Unleash turns to crank as much value out of it (and your helmet resets) as possible. let me know how you get on with it! i'm having a lot of fun with it, especially in multiplayer (except when everyone wants yet another chump block lol)

May 24, 2022 Drewooo · 1

They can block with their hero. I'm busy flying with my friends

May 24, 2022 dr00 · 18766

that's the spirit!