Spider Tank

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Sturmbert · 8

Unflappable is amazing for Spider-Man who already benefits from being attacked. Desperate Defense, Preemptive Strike and Energy Barrier help you trigger it consistently. Get Behind Me! enables you to take another hit such that you can draw another card and use Backflip or any other defense cards.

You should be able to stay in Spider-Man mode most of them time which reduces his thwarting weakness and increases card draw so that you can focus on Swinging Web Kick to victory!

Don't forget that you can block for your allies, though you will not get the benefit of spider-sense.

Most cards should be self explanatory, here are some that might not be:

Armored Vest/Endurance not critical, but useful depending on the Nemesis.

Webbed Up not as useful here as you want to get hit, use it as a resource.

Nick Fury could be any ally really, this helps you to dump your hand and draw a new one, while thwarting/attacking and blocking. Not bad.

Nova Use extra energy cards to increase your damage output, fantastic!

Aunt May Great card, but not critical at all for this setup. Could play tho thin deck, and if you are able to use her once she is worth it.

Avengers Mansion/Helicarrier Increases your power level while thinning your deck. Not all that critical as you can run lean very easily. You could plan with Quincarrier but other characters may want to use that card.


Jun 29, 2020 KingOfRohan · 441

Cool deck! I've been thinking Night Nurse and Unflappable would be awesome for Spidey, especially since they're both Mental resources. I feel like Spidey hates STUN, because he's often exhausted by defending and then he's just got Swinging Web Kick in hand for his attack, so being able to clear it with Night Nurse is so great. Also, sometimes he's damaged enough that he can't weather an attack but not so damaged as to get full value out of a double heal from Aunt May if he switches to alter-ego, Night Nurse should be able to help keep him in a safe zone to weather more attack before switching and healing.

Jun 30, 2020 Sturmbert · 8

Totally! I expect The Night Nurse will become a staple for most protection decks