Wasp Carries (the Table Through a Zombie Horde)

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Schmendrix · 1740

Wasp What if!

Much maligned, little respected, Wasp frequently hovers (heh) in the bottom 5-10 in community surveys of heroes (see here). But, much like her triumphant march through the zombie hordes, it's time for Wasp to pump the Pym Particles and be recognized for her potential as a threat management monster.

I'll share The Quantum Realm's 4P run of Mad Titan's Shadow's Tower Defense to give a sense of the potential. The City Under Attack side scheme is like it was designed to power up Justice's triggers. If you watch the video, you'll see Wasp fairly routinely thwarting for 10+/turn.

Unfortunately, I have to acknowledge that this deck requires a completionist's collection - cards from 17(!) packs. There are some swaps possible, but the deck's engine is built on cards from the Venom and Nebula packs and Mad Titan's Shadow: Making an Entrance, One Way or Another, Justice Served, and, to a much lesser extent, Ready to Rumble.

Our core conceit

The core conceit is that Wasp is NOT a form changing hero. At least, not here. This deck is built entirely around her Giant form. The Tiny form exists to cheat a ready via Ready to Rumble or an extra card from Pym Particles to pay for Rapid Growth. Start in Giant, Thwart for 4 with Heroic Intuition and Wasp's Helmet, flip down to Tiny, proc Ready to Rumble, ready, Thwart, play Rapid Growth with Pym Particles to draw and flip up to Giant and Thwart for 6. This big ol' bug lady's going to carry the table to the promised land.

So what do we get in exchange for eschewing Tiny form? We get a 4 Thwart basic activation that we're going to regularly pump to 6 (via Rapid Growth and Making an Entrance). And we're going to spread our burst thwart around to ready and draw. We're also going to rely on our unrivaled side scheme board management to power up our economy; learn the Encounter deck and play One Way or Another when profitable. The healing provided by Making an Entrance and Pym Particles will also mean that we can face tank hits to protect our Basic Thwart activations.

The synergy created by pulling side schemes and clearing them is enhanced with Justice Served. Multitasking helps ensure that when we spread our basic Thwart activations around, we're doing it for maximum impact clearing side schemes. Every clear will produce cards and readies.

The ally suite and supporting cards

The precise makeup of the ally suite really doesn't matter here. I would run Ironheart, Nick Fury, and Wraith, but the rest are really to your discretion. Jessica Jones could make sense here, for example. Clear the Area is a nice add for an additional trigger, and Helicarrier and Quincarrier help mitigate Wasp's inherent economy challenges and are a nice way to translate One Way or Another windfalls into sustainable economy.

40 cards and 1 for you to cut

And true to my value promise ;), you get 40 cards and one for you to cut.


Nov 03, 2021 dr00 · 11922

so many people sleep on her, but Justice Wasp is a truly amazing beast of a deck. using Ready to Rumble to to flip to tiny when you have Rapid Growth is truly inspired

i particularly like the Target Acquired and Wraith tech. it's so often overlooked.

Nov 03, 2021 wehehe · 33

I'm a little surprised of not seeing Sonic Rifle even menctioned.

I think it is a must for Wasp justice, as it gives you a reliable way to confuse the villain before switching to Alter Ego, and it is has a mental resource, so it can be shuffled back in the deck with G.I.R.L.

Nov 03, 2021 Schmendrix · 1740

@wehehe Good point - I should mention it! I think it's probably a flex card in some scenarios with a low main scheme threshold in solo, like Rhino. I fear it may be a win more luxury in a lot of scenarios. Try it and let me know!

Nov 03, 2021 wehehe · 33

Interesting point of view. I tested them in a deck with WASP, and they were an absolutely priority when I draw them. Being able to switch to Alter-Ego without fearing a basic Thwart + Advance turn was great. I use to play solo or 2 player games, I guess that Confuse/Stun are so much powerful with this player count.

Another issue. How are you doing in Minion-heavy scenarios? Are the signature attack events from Wasp enough? I'm missing Turn the Tide here.

Nov 03, 2021 Schmendrix · 1740

@wehehe I just don't value flipping in Wasp very much. Her most impactful use of G.I.R.L. is just before decking out. It's really not too much to manage the main scheme in most scenarios to enable that flip ime.

Turn the Tide is a great card, of course. If you are running solo against Mutagen Formula, I think there's a good argument for swapping 2x Turn the Tide in for Clear the Area. My general approach to deckbuilding is that you want to understand what your core engine is and then what your effective sideboard is to tech by scenario. In this case, as the writeup outlines, the core engine is Making an Entrance, One Way or Another, Justice Served. You can and should flex the ally suite and other supporting cards to tech for scenarios if you wish.

Nov 03, 2021 Snowjedi6 · 22

Considering the 7 justice events, and the two Skilled Investigators, I would probably replace one of them with a Sense of Justice. Other than maybe adding a Sonic Rifle, and that change, I love this deck and it might make me want to play Wasp again.

Nov 03, 2021 Schmendrix · 1740

@Snowjedi6 this is a great change for solo. In MP, I like to carry an extra Skilled Investigator to bribe whomever drops Helicarrier first to share. ;)

Nov 11, 2021 Snowjedi6 · 22

I've now played nearly a dozen games with a modified version. You made Wasp from my least favorite heroes to in my top 10. Thank you!

Nov 11, 2021 Schmendrix · 1740

@Snowjedi6 Awesome! I love that you've made it your own and are enjoying it.