Spider-Woman Aggression Mass Attack

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Ionichk · 3

This is an attempt to get maximum value out of Mass Attack. At the moment, it's theorycrafting only. I'll be testing it over the next few days.

Basic cards

  • Blade is worth including in any deck as a 1 cost blocker. He's even better value here as part of the Strength In Numbers engine.
  • Avengers Tower for the extra ally.
  • Energy, Genius and Strength for early game economy.
  • Deft Focus would be the card to be cut to keep the deck at 40 cards, but as Spider-Woman has 8 superpower cards that would be a real shame.

Leadership cards

Aggression cards

  • Hulk is a cheap Avenger who works really well with Mass Attack and can be used to block minions while building up to the combo turn.
  • Spider-Girl is another cheap Avenger with a good attack value and a useful play from hand ability.
  • Valkyrie is here until there is another 1 or 2 cost Aggression aspect Avenger ally. She-Hulk might be a better choice.
  • Wasp will generally be played for one energy resource and then left as a target for Strength In Numbers and Mass Attack.
  • Boot Camp boosts the attack of allies either as part of a Mass Attack or when acting on their own.
  • Hall of Heroes will hopefully allow you to draw 3 cards on the combo turn.
  • Combat Training for +1 attack.
  • Enraged to boost the ATK of those allies who are being kept on the board to be the focus of a Mass Attack, especially Hulk.